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Witness and Ropafadzo’s Love Story

It was during my gap year in 2018 did I meet the love of my life. Then I was working at Eat n Lick and they had just opened a new branch in Kwekwe. I didn’t want to move from the Kadoma branch but the boss saw me doing my job well and insisted I move . ( I keep thinking if I had pushed to not leave Kadoma I would have blocked my blessing)
Nevertheless the new branch opened, it was around May and my Mr was visiting his relatives around then . He had a few days before he left for Australia again and so he decided to drop by the new restaurant to buy his muzukuru some Pizza. You can imagine again I didn’t want to work on that day and actually wanted to move my afternoon shift to the night one but something again stopped me.
For any one whose worked at a restaurant before and as a cashier you know that you will meet so many customers of different characters. And Your job really is to make them buy more than they imagine to. So with such a goal I honestly saw nothing more than just customers.

This one afternoon My Mr happened to drop by the shop and for the first time I just did not see a customer ????, before he even spoke my heart was racing more than usual but I decided to keep my cool.

I had no clue my now Hubby was feeling what I felt and so clear . After they had enjoyed their pizza he went on to ask his muzukuru to get my number so they could send me a tip through to my ecocash account (I thought goodness me this guy is clever the day he texted me ) . Fast forward a few weeks later I then resigned because it was around the time i had to start my applications for university . So I went back home .

(Ps: I had always longed to settle from as early as 16 but life took its own course and my now hubby had always been praying for his wife . )

This was in May when we met and he only then texted me later that year in December. But when he texted me he felt so familiar , like we had always spoken . So that’s when we began to find out more about each other but as friends. Then he was even in a relationship and I was single . I didn’t even know he stayed all the way in Australia because he had kept his Zim number on WhatsApp but If I had known then I would have blocked any feelings because I saw distance as a huge obstacle but he didn’t . ( the little things that can spoil a blessing)

(By the way he said the moment he met me he knew he would marry me but he wasn’t sure I saw it too…. ….

Fast forward, Around February 2019 I was now in university at Monash South Africa and we kept in touch through to September . I was now in a relationship and he was single. So he happened to come through to South Africa and invited me for a friendly dinner . I thought so many things but I had a very strong gut feeling that kept saying : “just go And see “. So I listened to my gut feeling and went through .

As a friend I made it clear to him that I was with someone and he respected that . Guyssssssss….. Mmmmm some men are Heavenly sent . He didn’t touch me nor kiss me or flatter me but his conduct approved what I had always wanted since the age of 16. We had our dinner , we talked and the whole time I saw answered dreams . The last of his words I remember were : “I know how to treat a woman” and at the back of my mind I thought mmmmmm cocky (That then brought in an element of confusion for me but I didn’t realise he was just saying what it is )

So I returned to campus And the first thing I told my friend is that I like this guy but I don’t know and she was so curious to know more . On the other hand my hubby now had the confirmation that I’m the one .

Fast forward again :I decided to end things with my boyfriend then. So this meant I was single. In November my hubby now said to me , I really like you and I’ve always liked you and i would like to be in a serious relationship with you . But he suggested we pray and fast for a week and if we both had confusion or uneasiness in our hearts we wouldn’t go ahead . I was just like, is this real Lord? A man who prays too. So we did so and for the first time in my heart I had peace and zero doubt about entering into a relationship. This also was the first guy I told my mum about and she was at ease about him . I expected her to say noooo you are too young but she shocked me and said follow your heart.
On the 27th of November to be precise he made it official but in our distance . He always knew I’m a person who likes open things so he planned a vacation in South Africa towards my birthday. January came through and we had our vacation . I just thought we were having a simple dinner for two but I woke up to a make up artist and a hairstylist ready to dazzle me for the day . Along side with plenty gifts the night before
Going back a little ➡️. Before we came to SA we had gotten t-shirts done that were written :WE DECIDED ON FOREVER ( shout out to e27branding_zim for those beautiful t-shirts).
I honestly thought we were just doing a cute little thing but no it wasn’t just that .
So on the day of my birthday we went for a shoot in the t-shirts and later changed for the birthday dinner and his muzukuru was present as she helped him plan the dinner . The dinner was beautiful . We ate, we laughed and took so many pictures

The next morning I was just tired and weird enough he had ample amount of energy . I was confused because we had been in the same place the night before . Anyways we went to the mall and got coffee and breakfast . He kept saying we need to go to Botanical gardens today for our last shoot and I’m like let’s move to Wednesday because we have the whole two weeks . Someone had his plans up his sleeve so he persuaded me and we went . The garden is gorgeous you guys . On the 27th of January 2020 we had our last shoot and just after I said I think we are done viewing the whole place I turned around and he was down on one knee ….. …..Bammmmmmmm

I was so shocked , filled with so much joy in my heart and his entire energy made so much sense. That’s when he said :WILL YOU MARRY ME and I said a big YES .
( I know you might be thinking , but you dated for less than two months) . True but we never dated , we went straight into courting because we intentionally decided to be in a relationship and he didn’t want to wait too long again to say the things he felt since 2018.

So now it was time to tell the parents and relatives . You can imagine the politics that awaited us because we had done things extraordinarily . But nevertheless we went on with our intentions to get married but we also decided to be engaged in prayers together every beginning of a new month for the whole year because we knew we couldn’t do this alone . My dad’s family was not for the idea because they thought ahhhh she’s only 22 but my mum ‘s family had no problem with it because they knew I had always wanted to settle earlier than usual . But that didn’t stop us from pushing although we understood were people were coming from but didn’t accept being changed for their thought. ( sometimes you got to be aggressive with what you want) Unfortunately in the talks delaying , COVID 19 hit and we were locked apart.

One thing we knew was that God blesses differently in everything . For some it’s sooner for some it’s later .

So my dad ‘s relatives told us to wait and we waited from February up until early June . He then sent them a letter asking to marry me . This time around they saw that we were not up for changing our plans and they agreed . We went on to plan even in our distance. Video calls became our new thing. As we planned From the theme of the outfits to the photographers as well as the cake . He called his friends and I called mine . The planning was smooth the first days and as we reached the event, family politics Arose again . But this time the politics took a toll on us . We began to fight about anything and everything. Things like :why one didn’t pick up the call at the usual time ( crazy right) but It was war. So like always we said no let’s go back to the prayer room .

At the end of it all the event happened and we saw nothing more than the Grace of the Lord. Age didn’t matter no more or how we decided to court from friendship and not date first. All that changed to be inspiration and our love united the families

It’s been a journey and never did I think I could be in a long distance relationship but my now hubby showed me that true love makes extraordinary things normal . Ecclesiastes 3:11 kept us strong . There is no formula to love . It happens differently for us all But just like anything else you strive to excel in you need to have information about it and then comprehend the Information so you may apply it because love or passion alone will not save you . And again we had a verse that reminded us of this . ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭24:3-4‬ ‭ASV‬: “Through wisdom is a house builded; And by understanding it is established; And by knowledge are the chambers filled With all precious and pleasant riches.”

Hope you are inspired ❤️

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  1. Makorokoto makorokoto, am so happy that you found the love of your life Witness. May God bless your union, all the best hey

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