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What to consider when picking a caterer?

by Zimweddings

Planning a wedding is tricky for most couples. They have a lot of things that need their outer most attention and most importantly they have family, relatives and friends to please. However, as they say “Ukama igasva hunozadziswa nekudya”, so a wedding without good food is not something worth remembering.

Picking a caterer is one of the hardest decisions that a couple has to make because one wrong decision can put your wedding on the map for the wrong reasons. Imagine a scenario whereby your guests get sick after your wedding because of the food they would have consumed at your wedding. People as being people will quickly forget every special moment at your wedding and start telling everyone who wants to listen how bad the food was.

So in order to avoid all of this, they are important aspects that should be taken into consideration before picking a caterer:

Track record – before picking a caterer, it’s important to research more about the caterer. Find out the events they have handled before, how big they were and also ask if anyone ever got sick after consuming their food

Cliental base – this says a lot. The more clients they have shows how credible the caterer is and the reverse is true

Equipment they use – it is relevant to go in person and see the equipment they will be using to prepare your food

Catering team – it is pivotal to meet the catering team in person so that you have an idea of who would have prepared your food

Where they buy their ingredients – as a client you have the right to know where the caterer gets the ingredients from. This will make it easy to know who will be accountable if anything goes wrong

When and where the food will be prepared – you have to know the exact location and time the food will be prepare. It won’t be nice to know that your guests ate food that was prepared a day earlier

Number of guests handled before at a wedding – you will be assured whether they will be able to do the job or not

Awareness of safe food handling – it is important to ask if the caterer and his/her team are aware of the safe food handling rules. This will help in avoiding diseases

Most importantly, the couple should be aware of the packages that the caterer offers. This will help in knowing which package goes hand in hand with their budget. However, do not try to do the catering on your own in a bid to try to save costs because you might end up ruining your own wedding.

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