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Wedding Venue : Factors to consider when picking one

Getting a wedding venue can be a tricky issue for most couples because they lack adequate information about the venues. When it comes to picking a venue, they are certain factors that couples need to up into consideration before they put their signature on the contract agreement form:

Location – A very important factor that the couple should take into consideration. A couple should first see if the location of the venue will be accessible by the guests. Guests should be able to get transport that takes them there and also from there back to their homes. It would not be fair for the guests to get to the venue tired and worn out because they would have been dropped off far from the venue. Remember not every guest will be having a car and even if you have a car you will not be willing to drive it through a bad road full of pot holes.

Budget – Before selecting a venue, couples need to take into consideration the amount they expect to use towards the venue.

Number of guests – Couples need to consider the number of their invited guests beforehand. A venue selected should be able to accommodate the guests seating arrangement. There should be ample space for the dance floor and also space for the guests to move around freely.

Align with your vision – Your venue should be able to bring out your vision for your wedding. It should be able to incorporate everything you would have conceptualized and more.

Talk to your wedding planner – The couple needs to talk to their wedding planner before making a choice. Wedding planners have more experience when it comes to this and have been to several venues before. So it is advised that they consult their planner first for guidance and possibly accompany you for site visits.

What is included – You need to know what is included on the venue package. You have to know what you are paying for and what is also included in that package that will make it stand out and a cut above the rest. Some venues will not allow you to outsource external suppliers i.e. decorators, catering. Be cautious on that when you make the decision.

Date – The date of your wedding will also determine which venue to go for. You will have to know which venues will be available at your selected date.

Style or theme of the wedding – Your venue should immediately portray the style or theme of your wedding. Especially with the trending rustic weddings you want a venue that accommodates the theme. When picking a venue you should have this consideration at the back of your mind.

Parking – The parking space is also important. The venue you select should have a big parking space and well guarded so that your guests feel comfortable and do not have to worry about the safety of their cars. Obviously no one wants to be called out in the midst of having a good time that their car is blocking those who want to leave early.

Couples need to put their heads together so that they will be able to pick a venue that will make their special day memorable… 



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