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Wedding Themes

Wedding Themes

Rustic- Usually has natural landscapes. This theme makes use of wood in multiple ways, incorporating pieces that could exist in your home or garden.

Classic Romance- This theme is timeless. Bride wears dramatic dress, and a hint of crystal detailing with lots of flowers, mostly white, ceremonial arch also with lots of flowers, warm lighting, white furniture and large ornate mirrors.

Ethnic/ Traditional- This theme is mostly based on culture. Embraces different cultures, celebrates family traditions. Colours are rich. Lighting is key. Creative centre pieces and tents may be used. Entertainment is filled with dance, musicians, songs which are a part of heritage. For African themed weddings, these are mainly characterised by traditional dishes, African themed dresses.

Seaside celebrations-Most cases, destination weddings. Main focal point is the aisle leading to a water body or shore. The background/backdrop is usually the water body, so décor is usually minimal. The best colours are white, nude and most pale colours, soft and serene.