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The universe conspired and we found love

By Theodora Shangwa

This a brief story of how I met my life’s love Nyasha. It’s so funny that he is now my husband because we’ve known each other since we were fourteen. He went to the same high school as my then best friend so I used to see him around whenever I was in my friend’s neighbourhood.

We saw each other around all through high school and then practically every day at 6th form as we ended going to the same college.

Back then we weren’t on each other’s radars, but I recall once we started dating both of us admitting that we knew the other one was there

After college I went to a different city to study economics, and Nyasha stayed in our hometown for Med school. Time passed, and we lived our lives, passing happy birthday wishes and congratulations for our milestones over Facebook. Every so often we would plan to meet up for a coffee but that never happened.

Fast forward to one sunny day in September, my parents were invited to a wedding, and fortunately for me that day, my dad wasn’t feeling too well so I took his place. We knew the groom from college so Nyasha just decided to gatecrash the wedding too. Little did we know we had a date with DESTINY.

I received a Facebook message from someone I hadn’t spoken to in about 2 years asking “are you at this wedding? I think I’ve just seen you here.” I was really excited, and responded, “Yes! Come say hi I’m just outside.”

Sure enough it was Nyasha, the guy I went to college with who was “objectively good looking” I remember once saying to my friend a long time ago in college- was now an Adonis before me.

We passed our salutations and tried to fit in a “what have you been up to?” conversation into a 5 minute gap, but it just wasn’t happening; there was a lot to catch up on. So we organised a coffee for the next day, which fast became a first date. Soon after I drove off from that scene I was pretty sure he was the one for me.

What followed was driving back and forth 100miles during the week between two cities because we were that annoying couple our weekends were taken up, phone was always engaged, my friends couldn’t find their girlfriend! We eventually ended up together and a year later Nyasha asked me to marry him, and now we’re here!

No one said life would be easy, but I cannot imagine living it with anyone else. It always makes us laugh to think we were right there, under each other’s noses this whole time! Our favourite quote is the below, it’s really us in a nutshell. The story is so intricate but we would be here all day otherwise!

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”

Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist