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The Mawere’s

It’s funny to look back on how our story began.
 Our love story started well before either of us knew it. We grew up in the same town, went to the same high school and then to the same uni. The most exciting part of the story starts in 2018 when we were now in uni. I was in my second year and he was in his final year. We played the same sport. We trained together but barely talked to each other. Our staring must’ve been noticeable because my friends would tell me “Don’t even bother … he’s nothing but trouble. It was only until university games when we went together representing the school team that we started talking. The spark ⚡️ was instant. We talked like we had known each other for years. The day we finished games, we took a walk, a long walk in the main street of Bulawayo and it was just like in the movie Notebook, watching the robots change, few cars passing, stars above us.The next day we had to leave for school and we sat together in the bus and had our first picture, we still have it. After that encounter, we would see each other around campus. He would come see me every single day without fail and would walk him halfway to his hostel. Love never felt so good. Fast forward ⏩He finished uni and we went our separate ways 😔. A few months later, I then went on attachment and got attached were he was working. We reconnected, and started off were we had left. It has been nothing but love, and these have been the best days of our lives. Something about numbers …He proposed to me a day after his birthday on the 9th of  January… we also started dating on the 9th (of March), how romantic. This year, 3 days after celebrating our anniversary he brought the cows home. 

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