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Tania’s Lobola

The beautiful thing about love is how it can find you anywhere. I’ m glad I responded to my DM🫢 In February a day before my birthday I posted, “Growing up I used to think ladies who are 25 and not married are not serious. Here I am , turning 25 tomorrow and not even in a relationship😂”. He responded don’t worry you are getting married this year. That’s when we started talking. Fast forward we started dating later that month. A month later he got me a car 🫢 Gurrllll I really felt loved. It did not end there, in April he proposed . The engagement took place at my parents house where we had gone for introductions . Everything was happening so fast and I loved it . In May vakwasha came kunopihwa date and on the 8th of July we got married💍. Not forgetting how he has been a responsible dad to my 7year old daughter from day 1. When we met he promised to take care of my daughter and he never broke that promise. I’m happy my daughter has found a loving dad and I have found a lifetime bestfriend and soulmate .

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