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Taka and Cynthia’s Love Story

Roora Squad for the win!
It wasn’t difficult at all, picking my bridesmaids most of them are my really close friends . Three of them have been my friends since high school, one from China,the other we met in 2013 in my hood, the other my cousin and my sister

My name is Cynthia and on the 25th of January 2020 I had my roora and a small blessing ceremony. My husband and I are both based in China so after the roora we wanted to live together and because we have a Christ centered relationship , we wanted a blessing over our marriage so we spoke to our parents about this idea. At first, it was difficult for them to agree but we kept on praying and pressing and to cut the long story short, it happened !!!

Team Work makes the Dream Work????
Taka and I met in 2014 in China at Zhejiang Gongshang University and last year on the 31st of August he popped the question

That feeling when the two of you have successfully done something together
The JOY!’

If she doesn’t look at you like the way I look at Taka……????

Making the parents proud! It was beautiful????

What happened is the roora negotiations were in the morning then we had a photoshoot with the fam and bridal team then afterwards we left for the venue and had the ceremony

‘My dad has always been a tough man, but on this day, I got to see his soft side. Him walking me down the aisle was a blessing and a dream come true’

As I was waking down the aisle , I saw my husband crying and I also couldn’t contain myself . When my dad handed me over to my husband, it was a beautiful and emotional moment ♥️♥️♥️

I was a DIY bride , I hired equipment from someone on Instagram and they provided chairs, tables, flowers and glasses but I bought my own napkins and this other paper thing ( I don’t know what it’s called) lol and my mom helped me with the menus, a friend of hers did them for free’

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