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The Shava’s

It All Started At Church

We met on Sunday the 13th of December 2020 at a church event. The following Thursday he reached out through a call [not sure how he got my number] and said He wants to marry me


. As soon as the call ended, I searched his social media, called my best friend and told her to search him up too and we laughed about how he wasnt my type. Chatting and calling over two weeks made me loosen up and before I knew it, we were calling for hours each day. January 16th of 2021 , we started dating. Through ups and downs- one thing that remained clear was that we loved each other and wanted to be together forever . January 16th 2023, he proposed- I said Yes and February 25 we became traditionally hinged. We are looking forwad to forever plus a day 

Kudzie’s Lobola

When love finds you, it sweeps you off your feet in the most dreamy way. We met at a car wash, then we became close best friends.
We discovered we share almost everything in common, same interests etc
Basically he’s my male version and I’m his female version.
He proposed on Valentine’s Day, I SAID YES!! then, the cows came home 💃🏿
Love is amazing when you get married to the right person.
Our love story is my favorite ❤️

Taniah’s Lobola

Our beautiful love story started in our college days, my husband was on his attachment and l was part 1.2 .We met at a youth conference and when he came over ,we became friends talking everyday and we officially started dating on the 25th of December 2018 .it was a beautiful journey with our highs and lows but we are still together. He then came with the cows home on the 25th of February 2023 exactly 6 years 2months after.

Nickzel Lobola

It was back in 2016 where i was a shop assistant at Edgars, one of those ‘not so busy’ afternoons. A guy came in, he was light and tall and pretty. He came towards me and said ‘hie’. To myself i thought the guy was so pretty but i also thought he was a customer anyway. He was looking for a feminine present. According to him he was buying for her sister but i later found out it was his girlfriend’s. I was soo friendly to him so i helped him look for the present though he ddn actually buy, all he could say was im coming back lol. He came back i think for 5 consecutive days but now he would say he was coming for a hie thing. We exchanged numbers, we became friends. Things were flowing and we were really having fun. He would visit me and we would talk for hours, going out and all.Though, at that time, i was in a relationship and he was also in a relationship. So it ddn go anywhere lol it was one of those that end at the talking stage. I wanted him to ask me out lol but he ddn , we talked i think for more than a year but with no action. Eventually in 2018 we lost touch……

we spent 2years without a word. In 2020, man called around September. Honestly i had totally forgotten about him🤣🤣off course there were times where i would jus think where the guy was but well..So he said we needed to catch up and all. We spent 3months talking until around December he started asking me out. I would always ask why he wanted me and all he would say is ‘i wanna put a ring on that finger’. To me it was jus one of those😂😂you know a guy telling you he wants to marry you from the first date..I decided to date him, we dated for 1 year 10 months and it was chocolates and roses😍the level of understanding between us is priceless..in October this year he decided to marry me. He kept his promise, he put a ring on my finger. I am just grateful