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Cherise Lobola

So we already knew each other as we had mutual friends so sometime in 2020 i was by the bus stop waiting for transport…i was already running late and this guy happened to pass and i made sure he saw me🤣 we were quiet all the way till he dropped me off where i was going because it was close to his workplace (lucky me) so this transport thing happened for a few days and we started warming up to each other. So one day after dropping me off he texted me and said we should go out after work and i was game🤣 went out and had our first kiss🙈fast right?? and from there it was history😍 we had our ups and downs and now i am so sure i want to be with this human being for the rest of my life.

31.12.2021 he popped the question😍🥺and its the easiest yes i have ever said!
26.03.2022 we were married traditionally!! Ain’t God good??

The Londt

We met in April 2018 and had to be in along distance relationship for years as I lived in Johannesburg and he lived in Cape Town. I guess when you know what the heart wants then the distance is not an issue. My now husband travelled to JHB to see me at least once a week (2hrs flight) for 3 years or book my flights to visit him:-)
In January 2019 that is 9 months after our meeting he proposed. He was very nervous in the morning and I could not figure out why. He then asked  to take me out on a breakfast date. After parking the car, like always he said come see this view of table mountain from this end and being me I said please take a picture of me with the stunning background. Little did I know that when I turn around for him to take the picture, he will go on his knees to propose. I was not prepared at all…….anywhere I became a fiance that morning LOL.
April 2020 he decided its time to take the cows to my parents and ask for my hand in marriage however COVID happened and we could not travel to Zimbabwe. We had to postpone the lobola 3 times in 2020 due to Covid. The lobola then happened on the 18th of December in 2020 – ohhhhhh what a perfect day it was! 
In September 2021 we then went to home affairs and got legally married but we consider our lobola as the day we got married LOL. 
In regards to cultural differences, it’s not as different as people imagine. I sometimes forget that we are different races until someone stares,  points it out, ask strange questions or until he walks bare feet, wears shorts in the cold, invites random people we meet to our house or wants to go camping or hiking every other day