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Tashie and Smarkie’s Lobola

It was love at 1st site for Tashie and Smarkie … It all began in 2018 at college the journey had ups and downs but we pulled through together as one. But life suddenly had a new happiness about it that l had never experienced before ,at this point we were just a little over 3 years into this incredible relationship then 28.05.22 he did the thing cows came home.

Simba And Sharon

One thing about Love..it will always find you …. …Simba (fiancé) was in Taiyuan city, China doing Masters degree in mechanical engineering and Sharrony (fiancée) was in Shanghai city, China studying bachelors degree in international business. So we met through a mutual friend who connected us. The initial connection was online and we started talking. Then one thing led to the other and we began dating. That’s in 2019. From 2019 to present we would visit each other every opportunity we got. Our visits were affected by the pandemic though, it got affected to the extend that we spent a whole year without seeing each other between 2020 and 2021. But we kept close contact and communication through calls, video calls and texts. The pandemic didn’t affect us much because right from the beginning the vision was set and clear. So, basically that’s what has led us to this engagement