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Stacie’s Wedding

Love is Patient, Love is Kind ..

2009 is when we crossed paths, we were mere teenagers introduced by our cousins, we never met so we drove our parents landline bill crazy😂😂😂😂😂 we wrote to each other, texted each other called each other on and off through high school and university. Finally March 2018 fate had its way and we met as he came for work in the city i lived in. What we refused to do is let life pass us by without trying to at least do life together. It was the most beautiful encounter and about a year and half later August 2019 he proposed..

We were in a long distance relationship where he would visit the city i stayed in whenever he could and by this time it was every other weekend, coupled with 2hr calls, video calls, thank God for whatsapp😂June 202,1 he finally decided to take the cows home and honor my family. Ours is not the cliché story as it is based on patience and long waits😂. this was probably the hardest time in our relationship in balancing everyone’s expectations. Finally 17th of june was agreed upon, culture and protocol was rightfully observed.

Our story rides on patience, our initial plan was after roora we would have a wedding, our agreement was always something small and intimate as it describeS both our characters and circle, little did we know our baby girl had other plans. She decided to come early and was severely preterm, Fast forward this wedding was super special for us because we had our little girl. We surrounded ourselves with friends who have become our family. The goal was to celebrate love, friendship and union.

I not only have my husband but i get to do life with my best friend, partner in crime and my biggest cheerleader


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