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Simon and Betty’s Wedding

Namibia meets Zimbabwe
Betty writes, “We met at a party that the older brother invited me.
What caught my eye was his smile and he couldn’t get his eyes off me,
He asked me for a dance and there we became friends and the friendship turned into a deep deep friendship.
We dated for 5 years here we are happily married”
Congrats to the lovebirds!

We had our engagement.

The Oshiwambo wedding
The culture is very different to our Zimbabwean way of doing things.
The bride has to stay two or more weeks at the village not seeing the groom.
A white flag will be raised outside the groom’s homestead which symbolizes a wedding in progress.
Before the wedding livestock cows are slaughtered generously at every Tent by a very close member of family. A week before the wedding an Announcement is done in church this is the engagement.
Followed by celebrations
A day before the wedding a group of singers from the grooms side comes to where the bride is singing bringing with them a suitcase with the Wedding gown and other important items which will be inspected by the aunt.
Day of the wedding we sat under a tree then well wishers brought gifts that were presented to the bride and groom.
The wedding becomes everyone’s wedding because for close relatives it’s a must they should slaughter a cow and invite their own friends. The tent for the groom and bride is only for friends so it will be a whole lot of people with their tents and celebrating also on the 26th of September they slaughtered 29 cows.
The culture is so rich and a lot of things.
After the wedding the next day the family and neighbors will gather for introduction they will be introducing themselves, after that at least my husband had his own house so I was taken to the house to make fire 🔥 You cook for your husband first oshifema (sadza) and ombidi traditional vegetables in Zimbabwe we call it mutsine.
It’s all beautiful!

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