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Sarlyn Lobola

We already knew each other from back in 2016/17 in a Whatsapp group but we never got to talk. According to him, he liked me back then. 2020 he slide into my DM and we started talking here and there. I didn’t fully accomodated him, l remember him calling several times and each time l would ask who this was coz l had not saved his number, it annoyed him but he was determined and this went on for like three months. I finally got to save his number, the chats and conversations got intense and we got so comfortable with each other but l still played so hard to get.

Started dating February 2021 and never in a day would l regret having him as my boyfriend, we had an amazing and remarkable 2021 together.

Engagement: February 2022 he planned my birthday together with our engagement, this was and still is the best surprise l ever had. 16 February l turned a year older and became his fiancée💍. I still reminisce on this day everyday☺️. We started planning the dowry soon after the engagement. The planing wasn’t frustrating as l thought it would be and on the 18th of April 2022 we got married traditionally. In the fullness of time, God made it beautiful❤️

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