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Rudo and Innocent’s Wedding

Knowing that you will be spending the rest of your life with your best person brings so much joy and today. We met at church. Our families were friends. My dad is his brother’s godfather. But he was in boarding school, and I was never around during holidays. So I only started seeing him often during his ‘A’ break. When I was 16 we had a youth fundraising event on the 1st of May 2013, and he was the MC. Man, he could dance and he clearly loved reggae/conscious music. Plus yaive tsvubvubone, you know, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice. It became apparent that I had a crush on him, and my cousin @vee_mufa told him. Turns out he had a crush on me too. After texting, calling and playing hard to get for a while we started dating. We broke up a few months later due to distance and we never spoke or met except a few times at church because our friends made sure we didn’t breathe the same air to avoid ‘drama’. I guess they let their guard down in March 2020 because we met at a games night, and we started speaking again. He asked me to be his girlfriend in June 2020, which was shocking ti me because I thought we were already dating 😂. We did it right this time. It was more intentional and to put us to the test, I got a job far away. But mama didn’t raise a quitter😂. In November 2021 on his birthday, at a dinner with his family and our friends he proposed. Of course I said yes. The intros went well because our families already knew us. In May 2022 on my birthday he brought pfuma kuna baba vangu. It was beautiful, especially because I am the first girl child in my family, and our families, which were already friends, became family. My fathers knew very little about the lobola process, they even forgot the chekaukama because we have the same totem (and nearly identical surnames, Mabuya and Mabaya. We always used to joke about how we might be related and we will get confirmation of it when our relatives meet on the lobola day😂. It was a relief that we weren’t). Initially we wanted a small celebration of union, with just us, a priest and our 2 witnesses but our families were not having that. Vaida kudya coleslaw nekutamba masteps. We agreed to take our time planning for a wedding, but one day in July mukomana akazongoti, ‘ndakuda kugara nemukadzi wangu ini, plan for a wedding before December.” (during the lobola negotiations vakwasha asked that we can be allowed to visit each other, which my fathers agreed to. But we could only start ‘officially’ living together after a church wedding). We had a couple of challenges, the major ones being that I couldn’t be present in harare to meet up with service providers, and the woman who had raised me, my grandmother had just started chemotherapy. We got in touch with a wedding planner, we gave her a tight 😂 budget and date and on the 15th of October we went before the Lord and made our union known in heaven. It was emotional as we only had one of our 4 parents present, how we wish they were there. On the bright side my grandmother made it to the ceremony despite her condition. We had fun guys. We danced like we were getting paid for it 😂. Aaaand our friends got engaged at our wedding! Love really is a beautiful thing.

Our advice to those who are looking for love is to try their exes, lol. On a serious note, hazvina formula. We just wanted the same things and went for it


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