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Philmar & Farai’s Love Story

Philmar & Farai’s Love Story shows that love is kind, and love is patient. Love endures and love nurtures. Find out more about this incredible story in Philmar’s own words.

Feeling himself and pompous

Farai and I met for the first time when we were both with other toxic people. Being together was the furthest thing from our minds.
I had gone to see one of my best friends in Karoi but she wasn’t there. Farai was feeling himself and pompous which annoyed me. This was a brief meeting not more than 2 mins max. We met again, a year later in 2016, as I was in town and I went to see my friend. This is the time he then asked for my number and pictures from my friend. He didn’t call for a few months, only when I had forgotten all about him did he reach out and said hello.


That hello led to late night conversations up to 2am getting to know each other. This went on for months. He invited me to Karoi for the weekend after Valentine’s Day 2017. From then my travels to Karoi became more frequent and longer. I would travel on a Thursday and be back home on a Sunday every week. It was like having 2 homes at the same time.

Hwange and Victoria Falls

This went on for 2 months straight then he invited me to Hwange where he was going for work. I figured I might as well make it a holiday get away and do Hwange and Victoria Falls all at the same time. I asked my sister to baby sit my son for me during the Easter holiday when my helper was going to be away, but my sister was not having it she also wanted to tag along. It very weird for me, asking my boyfriend of 2 months that my sister and our 3 kids want to tag along, but when I told him he was all fine with it. I became open to the idea of a steady relationship. Easter came and went my sister and our kids went back. I remained behind with Farai for a month at least.

Was that a proposal proposal?

When it was time for me to go back to Harare, we were watching a movie and Farai paused it and played diamond song I want to marry you. He didn’t get on one knee or anything like that he just looked into my eyes and said I have found what I was looking for I think I want to marry you. It’s the way he said it that made me think it wasn’t a proposal proposal. So I just said well we can’t get married yet we have been dating only 2 months. Besides I had walked that path before I honestly thought it wasn’t for me.

At that point I was OK with just dating nothing more. He said don’t say no just yet let’s try staying together and see how it goes if we move in together you will see it will work. By May he was helping me with my rentals and my son.

Modern Musengabere

End of May he called me and said he’d found school for my son. He said he was sending a moving truck to my flat in Harare. To me this was modern daylight musengabere chaiwo. To combine the 2 households was economically strategic. This way he could save for my bride price. So I moved to Karoi. Come December 21st he went to do introductions and met all my aunts and immediately asked for a date. On 3 February 2018 the cows came home. In 2019 we had our baby girl and that’s when we decided to wed. I don’t remember who suggested it first but it was probably me.

Don’t break the bank

We wanted a classy wedding but didn’t want to break the bank. I also didn’t want to strain our families with our big dream. So Farai and I decided to spread our costs over. Our engagement was in November 2019 and we started our first service provider’s deposit payments in March 2020 for the venue. I don’t know if you will call it luck or a whisper from the heavens but we opted for Dec 22 2021 as we thought it was enough time to plan.

Philmar & Farai’s Love Story has happy ending!

Then came the lockdown and the plan to keep the payments going were disturbed because of the uncertainty in the world. July we were back on track. Advice to future brides spreading over expenses would be your ideal strategy, but I guess this works best if you are staying together. Always hire service providers you can afford. To the grooms remember most brides fantasy about this day from the age of 5 do your best to be supportive and brides remember there is rentals and food and honeymoon to pay for after the wedding so don’t break the bank.

*Farai’s note”
I’m happy the day was everything she pictured I would marry her under a bridge with just me and her as long as she is the one who meets me at the aisle and says I do.

Photography – Mazville Photography

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