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Patiah Tinashe’ s Lobola

Me and Tapiwa have known each other since 2011. According to him he liked me the day he was baptised at church lol hanzi i was standing in front of people i dont even know what i was doing there 😂😂😂 and i honestly didn’t notice him because i was in form 4 in 2011. Fast forward to 2016 he started coming for driving lessons at our company, then was told i was supposed to help him with his oral lessons i felt embarrassed that day coz was wearing red lipstick yaisabvumidzwa kuchurch i remember i had to do the whole lesson ndakaruma muromo ndikati brother vanongoti hezvo because we were never friends or even tried exchanging contacts at all.

Then last year in January he sent me a Facebook friend request. It took me 2 days to accept that request lol. I accepted it and later I saw a message in my dm obviously i had to be nice and i responded. We started talking via messenger then we ended up exchanging numbers. We became friends then in March he asked me out but wasn’t sure if he was serious. Surprisingly i got a call from mufundisi telling me Tapiwa is asking if u can marry him you know the masofa thing zvekuchurch. We got engaged on the 20th of March just when i thought everything was working out, we started having problems left, right and centre..

There was a time we decided to go our separate ways due to the ups and downs of life. Then this year in February that’s when we had a serious conversation and we told each other you know what, lets pray for answers. I thank God he gave me prayerful friends who helped me to pray. Things started falling in place bit by bit. Some had declared that handife ndakazoroorwa and all and YES people tried their best for it not to happen. Towards Roora week i almost cancelled on Thursday night but God is faithful 02.04. 22 by Gods grace we got married , he wasn’t around due to his job but here we are after being tested in so many ways and also being in a long distance relationship. All i can say now is God is good, whatever people declare in your life just know Mwari haasi munhu what is meant for you will alwayys come your way nomatter what happens he remain God and noone can ever take your blessing. Im now a proud wife to a king and I thank God…

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