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Onias & Maita’s Wedding

Let me start with our love journey 😍
I met MR C so long ago we both don’t recall. Our love story was not the usual or one that you would expect.
We had one mutual thing that brought us together and that was my late brother Brian (RIP bestie). Onias was Brian’s best friend 😁🙊🙈 yes yes I know unorthodox. But Brian was my ride or die so therefore we were always together and that’s how I met Mr C . I always thought he was kinda cool and I guess he thought the same too and one day I suppose he gathered his guts and asked me out ! And the rest was history . Of course Brian was there on the first date just for damage control lol 😂

Fast forward 7 years later he asked me to be his wife !

Yes 7 years is a long time lol 😂 , so you may say but it was absolutely worth it .

From the time we were dating he always mentioned he would marry me , towards the end of my degree he started to speak about marriage more and more, however I was still into pageantry and he would say I’ll wait till your tired of modeling 🙊. Eventually pageantry wasn’t the center of my attention and as soon as he noticed 💥 boom the ring came .

He decided to propose on my 27th birthday, I was being pampered all day from head to toe and just figured it was just a birthday thing little did I know @laura_murape and @the_chiroodzas had a trick up their sleeve 😍🙈.

3 months later we had our Lobola . He already had a date in mind all we then had to do was go through the protocols and get approval.

Planning the lobola was exciting I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it.

We decided to have 2 sets of outfits , one for the actual lobola process and the other for the celebrations.
Also got my new family in love to match my family and I in shweshwe material and everyone else wore shades of blue to the celebration luncheon which was held after we had meet & greet cocktails .

Obviously on the day you’re always nervous but it was a blast !! Everything went according to plan. 😉

Then began the wedding journey

Wedding planning Journey then began 🙌🏾 .

I started looking for a planner as I knew he or she was essential to be able to execute the vision I had for the big day .

But before the wedding there was the bridal shower . I created a wishlist which everyone picked their pick .
My mom and sisters put everything together so perfectly for me 😁 pastel colors we amazing.

The event that sealed the deal 😍🥰

Aaaw the wedding for me was just perfect 🤩 . We took enough time to plan our wedding and carefully thought out each item . The biggest thing for me was the ceiling install & deco and @functionjunctionzw made it happen. I knew the colors I wanted though a lot of people weren’t keen on the color black as the base but I knew it would work well. I prayed it did as there were so many other colors to compliment it .

The other big thing was my GOWN . My dress was personalized and took us 7months to get done . With a tail which was 6m long and veil 20m.
It was absolutely perfect !!

The planning process was hectic at times but if I could get a redo I wouldn’t change any of it . @shamieventcoordinator was our planner who was amazing by the way.

I promised myself I would enjoy this day no matter what and that’s exactly what I did . I danced my heart out and so did MR.C .

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