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Mazvita’s Story

It all started on WhatsApp with @mazv_alitah94 @dingytron SWIPE ….. So we met in a WhatsApp group for memes😂 Crazy I know but my husband kept these screenshots that literally sum up how we met so he could show our kids and grandkids🤩We then met up for lunch at Bottom Drawer for our first date. Honestly the guy impressed me, and above all the conversations were deep and just never ending. Just then I knew I had met the one from who’s rib I was formed😍❤️He then planned a surprise birthday trip for me to pamuzinda and on the way there I remember he parked on the side and asked me to get out of the car he knelt on one knee and with a cute crown he said, “Will You Be My Queen” and with a kiss I said Yes Yes Yes😂😂😂 P.S that was our first kiss! Very memorable ❤️❤️

Dating So we dated since that day he asked me to be his queen. We dated for 2 years and at the end of the 1st year I decided kugarisa munhu wangu pasi😂😂😂. I asked him when he planned on marrying because we already knew that was the goal of our relationship. He said he planned to marry me in 2022. And I said I wanted to be married at the end of 2020. We then agreed to get married (Lobola) in June of 2021 the actual middle😂. We then started living together and it was a good and learning experience. Not so easy but enjoyable. We then had our first baby 1 year into marriage and then a year after we realized we wanted to wed but the money for the wedding we wanted could be used for better 😂😂. We then decided to go the court wedding route.

The actual day of the wedding:1. Make sure the groom is wearing a suit and tie. 2. The bride can wear a wedding dress I noticed others even had off shoulder dresses. 3. Make sure you are there by 6 o’clock because around 6:15 they’ll start directing you into the courts and the proceedings will start. 4. There will be many couples, so make sure you get there on time. That’s why we were one of the first people to be served. They usually charge 1$0 or $15 for the decor. 5. You will start by signing your marriage certificates and then they will start wedding ceremony, meaning they’ll start saying vows for which you’ll say after them. (they will direct you. )6. Make sure you have your rings. This is not a must, but if you have them, it would be good to go with them because they’ll give you time to put them on each other’s fingers. 7. The process will not take longer than 30 minutes and you can leave you will now be officially Mr. and Mrs. legally 8. Also, you are not allowed to bring your own person for decor or your own photographer. If you want pictures from inside, you can ask someone to use your phone and take pictures and videos of you or you can pay the photographers from the courts.

After the wedding: We decided to have a photo shoot done so we went to another location and got our pictures taken.Everything is very simple and has no hassles. I recommend weddings a million times I think they are the easiest thing to do in Zimbabwe.I wish you all the best happy wedding and happy marriages❤️🎉

MY DRESS!!!!!! I decided to do a whole different post about my dress because it was just everything!!! My dress was done by my extraordinary friend @bellesreveries_by.molefe . The dress was just exceptional over the top, beautiful and many other good things that anyone can see about a dress.I felt like a princess and a queen like my husband would say I felt good. I felt extravagant. I felt beautiful. I felt classy. If there’s anything I did right about my wedding it was getting my dress done by @bellesreveries_by.molefe.The dress was a piece of haaa Molefe akavhura hombe.Hats off to you my friend😊

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