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Maid of Honour Duties “Before and On the Day Roles”

A maid of honor may also be addressed as the, ‘best girl’ or in short ‘MOH.’ It doesn’t matter which term you prefer to use but the million dollar question is ‘Do people know the duties of a maid of honor/best girl?’ Over the years some might have the understanding that being a maid of honor means you get to wear something different from the other bridesmaids and you also get to spend most time with the bride. HOWEVER this perception is not true. Being a maid of honor comes with ‘special duties’ and most ladies get to discover this after they have already accepted to be one.

Duties before the wedding:

Attend wedding dress shopping and fittings – it is important for a maid of honor to be with the bride when she goes for her wedding dress shopping and also fitting. Her presence makes the bride feel comfortable with every decision she will make.

Lending a helping hand (and ear) to the bride she will be able to assist the bride when she needs help and will always be there to listen to her worries or even hear her complaints.

Help bridesmaids pick their dresses since she will be the mediator between the bride and the bridesmaids, she will be in a better position to know what the bride wants her squad to wear thereby being able to help select the dresses.

Accompany the bride everywhere you practically have to be with the bride whenever possible or according to her requests as she meets service providers or even relatives.

Plan the bachelorette party it is your duty to plan a bachelorette party for the bride so that she can relax a little bit before her big day.

Attend pre-wedding events – you will have to attend pre-wedding events such as the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner etc. with the bride so that you can be able to give her moral support.

Take note of everything you should be aware of everything happening around the bride and should be able remind her in case some things would have slipped off her mind because of pressure.

Host or co-host the bridal shower you should be able to keep the bride in the dark whilst you help plan her bridal shower. It should be a surprise and you should make sure that it happens.

Duties on the wedding day:

Keep the bride calm and comfortable – the morning of the big day, a bride will be nervous and feeling anxious. It is your duty to make sure that she remains calm and feels comfortable

Contact every important service provider – it is important to contact service providers such as photographers, videographers, hairstylists and makeup artists so that everything will go according to plan especially to kick start the wedding. It is important that they do not miss any of her special moments. That’s if she doesn’t have a wedding planner!

Time keeper – it is the duty of the maid of honor to make sure that the bride is on time on everything and that she gets to the altar on time.

Make sure the bridesmaids are dressed – you have to make sure that the bridesmaids are dressed on time and that they are ready to go.

Arrange the bride’s train and veil upon her arrival at the altar- it is important to ensure that the bride’s presentation is perfect and everything is still in its right full place.

Hold the bride’s bouquet – when the bride reaches the altar, it is the duty of the maid of honor to hold her bouquet so that she will be able to hold her husband’s hands and also read her vows properly.

Sign the marriage license as a witness – you will have to sign the marriage license as a witness.

Help the bride to change and also use the restroom – you should be there to help the bride change and when she wants to use the restrooms you should be able to assist her.

Make a speech – should be prepared to make a speech. A common trend in Zimbabwe is that you will do the vote of thanks together with the best man.

Make sure the bride is served food – ask the caterers to serve the bride the food that she would want to eat.

Out of everything that has been stated above, a maid of honor should always remember to put the bride’s needs before hers and should be the bride’s pillar of support plus source of strength. Remember to respect her wishes and just tolerate her stress and anxieties so that her wedding goes the way she has always envisioned.


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