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Love as we know it: Nyasha and Fadzai

By Fadzai Nyamdela

‘…..so when I finished high school in 2008, awaiting my results, I made a prayer to God. I asked God for a lot of things but in particular I told him that l would love to meet my partner at university, also that whoever he is we should share the same birthday month and I also told God that the guy should really work to win my heart.’

In 2009, l was enrolled at MSU and was in the Banking and Finance class. Apparently l met Nyasha that same year; he was in his final year though. We became friends and I realized his birthday was on the 25th of April and mine is on the 27th of April (the odds). I just didn’t like the fact that his came first, it meant me spoiling him first you know. I remember I didn’t have a phone that time and my mum was so strict. It was always a hustle trying to see him. I learnt of his timetable and sometimes I would sit by my bedroom window and hope he would pass by, sometimes l was lucky but then I would have to make up some story just to get out of the house like I would ask my mum if she wants airtime so that I would go but it for her by the tuck-shop. We went on like that for some time and then he asked me out, I couldn’t answer, I remember laughing and leaving him blank like that. I couldn’t date him then because l felt he was more mature than l was so he might take advantage of me. It took him three years to win my heart. We started dating when I was on attachment. Somehow our routines changed, we used to see each other every day. During the week, I would wait for him, he took his time. It somehow taught me to be patient. Then this day we were invited for a party, I had to help out in the kitchen and he constantly had to check up on me until this lady told him to stop, he was like “I had a hard time winning her heart, this girl is special” It was at that moment that I realized God had answered my prayer.

 Eventually I finished my attachment, goodbyes are never easy. It was really hard for both of us. He went to the bar, got drunk, I remember he called me when he got back home and told me how much he loved me and that he was going to tell his mum about me and he did. I felt heartbroken and cried all the way. It was hard imagining how my days will pass by without him. My days were lonely and different. Since we had not yet opened school, I had plenty of time on my hands and days were slow. Nyasha would be at work the whole day but l still needed attention. I understand it now that l could be nagging sometimes, though that time it was the right thing to do. It just happened that I had the opportunity of going to Harare once a month somehow; it was better but not enough. I remember this other time, I didn’t see him for two months, I woke up one day and my face had so many pimples and l wondered what it could be. Fortunately my mum and l had to go to Harare to attend to some things and I met up with Nyasha, the pimples disappeared in two days, didn’t realize he had so much effect on me.

So days and months passed by, that had become our life. As if that was not enough, one day Nyasha called and told me that he will be going to work in Kenya, my heart melted and almost though that could have been the end of our relationship. Off course he told me that l thought wrong but then…..it was hard. He said he will be gone for three months, he explained how it will be good for us, but at that time it never made sense. I told my mum, she allowed me escort him to the airport, l remember her words so well, she said, “If you love him, pray that everything goes on well and that he will come back for you, but if you don’t, then its good riddance” lol. Apparently he came back after two weeks and l was overjoyed you know. I graduated and was fortunate enough to get a job early and l had to move to Harare. It could have been the happiest moment of my life. My days were better and fun but the joy was short lived…….woke up one morning and Nyasha told me he would be going to Kenya again and that he would be back in three months. Just when l thought my life will be better and then he went, I started my three months count down the day he left. Three months passed and he told me there were not yet done with what they were doing. I remember in the seventh month, I wrote to God in my prayer book and asked him if Nyasha could at least come back before Valentine’s day, guess what he came back on the 12th of February just for a few months though and he had to go back again. He came back for our second anniversary before he moved to SA. We lived apart most of our time together but it was never boring. Distance was never a barrier though. We made sure we celebrated our special days somehow, birthdays and anniversaries. We made sure we talked everyday on any channel, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype etc. We always kept each other in the loop and updated each other on everything even the smallest things many would overlook. We were always there for each other and prayed together on the phone. Celebrated our successes and comforted each other in bad days. Most people don’t believe in long distance relationships and are often discouraged by other people’s bad experiences, but it’s a different story for us. ‘We believed and still believe distance can never separate two loving hearts’. Of course we were apart in distance but in everything else outside distance we were together. We believe God kept us together for a reason. We have come this far; eight years of knowing each other, from the eight we have been in a relationship for five years thus celebrated five anniversaries. Nyasha decided to take our relationship to the next level, hence he did an awesome surprise engagement for me on the 26th of December 2017 … I was so happy. I love my ring, it’s so beautiful. We already look forward to the future…

Love is a beautiful thing trust me! I am glad Nyasha chose me and I know he is the perfect partner just like we say ‘Nyah and Fah are like a hand in glove’….the perfect match…