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Kuda & Nesbert Roora

When love happens, it usually is the most beautiful thing ever. Congratulations Kuda and Nesbert

How was it planning your Lobola? 
Well soon after our engagement, the date for lobola was set that’s when I started making inquiries from service providers(decor, catering, makeup artist, tailor) which was the hectic and most stressful part of the planning process but eventually everything worked out. I was super excited through the whole process, I couldn’t even wait for the day. Everything was according to plan, a week before our lobola day I had put everything in place from my side and I think this is because I had enough time to put everything in order. 

 How many people were part of your sqaud and how did you select them? 
I had two separate squads, the first squad were my sisters from both my mother’s side and father’s side. There were nine of them, and growing up I was part of their roora ceremonies and some of them I was part of the squad so when it was my turn they were ready to jump in and support me all the way. Then the second squad was comprised of 4 my friends . I don’t have much friends so it was so easy for me to select, I just chose those who are close to me, my best friend, close friend from university, a friend from work and a mutual friend whom I became close to. These guys were so supportive and each one of them assisted me in her own way especially when I was planning for the day 

What’s the one thing you would like to tell other Brides out there? 
Well,I would like to say to them. When it comes to planning for the lobola day everything should be done according to what you want, what you always had dreamt of. It shouldn’t be based on other people’s opinions otherwise you will not enjoy the planning process even the day it self. The day should be yours. 

Lastly why the colour Red?
Uuuuum, I have always been attracted to red, even most of my clothes are of the color red. When it comes to picking colours I always find myself choosing red. I guess I can say its my favourite colour. Funny  enough for my roora I wanted blue for a change but what I had in mind for decor and the dresses blue wasn’t making the statement so I ended going back to red which gave me exactly what I wanted.

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