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Kuda & Joachim’s Love Story

Our story is very interesting ,a mutual friend introduced us in 2015 and the relationship was long distance till we got married. I would visit and he would also visit a lot, we never felt the emotional distance it was just the physical part🤣🤣..


Joac finally proposed in July 2019 after we had attended his brother’s memorial service. It was a complete surprise. Guys, imagine coming from “manyaradzo” with no makeup whatsoever he just suggested we pass through antelope park and do lunch. The nyaradzo was in Gweru. So we got there, did our lunch and he suggested we do elephant interaction. We got to the place where the elephants were and he draw something on the ground and the tour guide instructed one of the elephants to pick and give so the elephant handed him back the small box and he knelt down on one knee❤️❤️😭.

In July he came and paid lobola then our wedding was suppose to be in April, Covid happened and we then decided to do it in October.. The fairytale finally took place 🙂

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