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Josh and Faye’s Love Story

Josh and I have been together for 7 years this year in September, we met through a mutual friend. We were nothing but friends to start off with. Time went by and feelings for each other started developing. We decided to go on a weekend away and that’s when it all started best decision we ever made. 

We had a long distance relationship for about 3 years as we both studied at different universities. Long distance relationship worked for us as we were commuted with each other but also wanted to have separate university experiences. What’s really worked for us is the trust and love we have for each other it’s an amazing feeling almost feels like a dream sometimes.We both graduated and soon after graduation we had an unplanned baby which was nerve wracking.

1 year later we had the roora. Our daughter is now 3 years old. Whilst I was pregnant Josh was doing his masters which was hard juggling work studying and a baby on the way but we pulled through. When our daughter was 6 months I then went to do my masters once again it was hard breastfeeding and also studying but we did it. We have such an amazing group of friends and family who have always supported us through everything. The rest is history we are newly weds and we Are so happy we have each other. 

It was a small ceremony so we didn’t use many services but yeah that’s it.

Photographer was @smileysnap 

Wedding dress was @dreamdaysbridalwear

Makeup was by myself 

Bouquet was by @homesown

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