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Emunael and Tafadzwa’s Love Story

Emanuel’s version

She smiled at me! She’ll tell you that there was nothing in that smile on that first day but the general friendliness offered to a person standing in front of a whole church talking about how grateful he is to be back home, but it was the sort of smile that moves you and the sort of smile you never forget. It was a special smile and I like to think the fact that we are here 2 years later getting married proves it. I didn’t get to say hello to the pretty girl with the smile that day and I had to wait 7 months before having a real conversation with her. And when the day came, I was so nervous I had to take several deep breaths and play my workout music to prepare myself but alas all of that was not necessary. Getting along with Taf was so easy and so natural like we’d been friends forever.Two years since she smiled at me and that that smile still gives me butterflies but it’s no longer a pretty stranger smiling at me. It’s the gift from God that I wasn’t smart enough to pray for, but not foolish enough to ever stop being grateful for. To everyone she’s Tafadzwa but only I get to say ‘Ndafadzwa!'”

Tafadzwa’s Version

It was a normal Sunday for me in September, 2018. I went to church as usual and during the service, Emunael who had relocated from America, was asked to give a testimony. He spoke about God’s faithfulness in his life and I thought to myself what a wonderful testimony. Two weeks later we spoke for the first time at church, just your basic ‘Hi how are you’ type conversation. Thereafter we did not see each other or talk for several months because I relocated to Pretoria, however, on the 18th of April 2019 he found me on LinkedIn and sent me a messageand from that point on we started talking about life and work, eventually exchanging numbers so we could chat on WhatsAppOn the 27th of April we went to Acro-Branch on our first date. Click here to view our first date . It was quite a fun and adventurous activity and at the same time I started to feel like I had found my hidden best friend. I felt so much peace in my heart I couldn’t help but think ‘Where has he been all my life?’ Whenever I was around Emu or whenever we would talk, I felt so much peace. He was everything I had been praying for, and a whole lot more! God provided so many bonuses when it came to Emu, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. I’m sure my brother got sick of me talking about Emu all the time.
Exactly one month after that first LinkedIn message, we made our relationship official. Why wait when you know someone is the one and I know in my heart he is the one, and so here we are today. This is the love story that God has written. I cannot imagine my life without Emunael, everything is perfect with him. I give all the glory to God for this perfect plan he has ordained for our lives”

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