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Dear Future Husband

“Dear future husband…”

We might have gotten off on the wrong foot. This wedding planning has me on the edge. I can’t stop imagining the worst about our tailor-made dresses! I have trust issues… (not always), but with things like this. Of course, I trust you, but when you say you’ve talked to the caterer…I need to know if you mentioned “paprika” instead of cayenne. I guess all I’m trying to say is I am panicking. I need your support.

You might feel like I’m turning into a Bridzella, but I just want this day to be perfect. Those photographs are going to be there forever so please forgive me if I get panic attacks every now and then. The truth is, I NEED YOU. Preferably to remind me that our wedding will be perfect no matter what, but if you’re a darling enough, to help me pick out the wedding favours. My girls and I will take care of the rest.


PS- I promise I will (try) not always be such a control freak.

PPS- I love you!

Your wife-to-be…