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Preparing for my roora day had its own stressful days and some good days,but above everything i learnt that prayer is always the key.To all the ladies in courtships ,my advice for you is always pray for him and with him .In everything put God first because all good things come from God .When you have God in your relationship everything happens for the glorification of his name 🙏😊Love is a beautiful thing and always strive to protect this gift when you find it 😊To  the single ladies , just be yourself and never compare yourself with any other lady ....your  Mr right will love you just for who you are😍



8 thoughts on “Petronella”

  1. Mwari ngaarambe achifukidzira imba yako, you truly deserve all the good things Petronella.. Wanga wakazvibata and zvinodadisa.

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