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Mimie Mlauzi

Commitment…. It’s easy to say but try to Strip off every interesting detail about a person… talk of family, money, reputation, career , beauty, health the list is endless…

Can you still remain Committed to a person?

We say In sickness and in health , do we really understand what that means?

Nowadays we are more concerned about a perfect wedding in ‘pictures’ but is the union perfect to you?

Love is not a feeling, Love is a set of emotions and behaviors characterized by intimacy, passion, and COMMITMENT. It involves care, closeness, protectiveness, attraction, affection, and trust.

So before you commit into marriage, understand what it requires and what it means. After that if you still proceed Love , Respect and communicate effectively with RESPECT.

After all has been said and done , have fun together! It’s a lifetime we are talking about!



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