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So I had 2 months to plan for my lobola and the most important things to me were deco and catering. It wasn't a hectic journey because my mother did the most for me, finding the perfect catering company and the deco. I only had to look for the tailor for me and my squad. I also asked my squad to be part of it 2 months before to give them enough time to budget for it. Everything was going smoothly, the venue was set to be at my late grandparents house. The only bump i experienced was when i started gaining weight weeks before the day🤣Lord!!! And my dress wouldn't fit comfortably so i had to get it altered 2 days before. The anxiety i went through planning the lobola though😅 what if he doesn't show up on the day, what if this or that happens 🙆🏽‍♀️ i managed to cope through praying for the day everyday and thankfully the day came, the service providers showed up on time even the vakwashas came way early😂😂 God is faithful all the time!!



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