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Category : March 2022 Brides

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Category : March 2022 Brides

All i can say now is God is good, whatever people declare in your life just know Mwari haasi munhu what is meant for you will always come your way nomatter what happens he remain God and noone can ever

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Category : March 2022 Brides

So I had 2 months to plan for my lobola and the most important things to me were deco and catering. It wasn’t a hectic journey because my mother did the most for me, finding the perfect catering company and

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Lady G2

Category : March 2022 Brides

Guys! In downtown Harare CBD 🇿🇼 are some exceptionally talented ladies behind the scenes creating some of the most amazing hairstyles you see on social media! Meet Mai Tanaka (in the brown braids). I first met her when I accompanied

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Faie Ben

Category : March 2022 Brides

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Anesu Matiyenga

Category : March 2022 Brides

Well planning my Lobola was not as hectic as i thought it would be.. I really enjoyed every moment of it..
I did all the planning by myself, managed to get all the service providers i needed for my Lobola

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Category : March 2022 Brides

Preparing for my roora day had its own stressful days and some good days,but above everything i learnt that prayer is always the key.To all the ladies in courtships ,my advice for you is always pray for him and with

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ZimWeddings Bride of the month

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Rumbidzai Ididi..

Category : February 2022 Brides

I would love every lady out there to know that everything happens for Good for those who love God, be patient, do not be desparate for marriage the right guy will come and honour you at the right time, for

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Category : February 2022 Brides

Traditional bride competition.

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Mimie Mlauzi

Category : February 2022 Brides

Commitment…. It’s easy to say but try to Strip off every interesting detail about a person… talk of family, money, reputation, career , beauty, health the list is endless…

Can you still remain Committed to a person?

We say In

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Wedding Day 02 october 2021

1418 Votes

Precious Mataga

Category : Brides

19 December 2021

1061 Votes


Category : Brides

I am Marceline Mudzivo. I got married 04 December 2021 at Manna

202 Votes

The wedding was held on 11 December 2021.

150 Votes

Philmar Vinga

Category : Brides

Wedding Day: 22nd of December 2021

104 Votes


Category : Brides

I got married on the 4th of June 2021. My birthday.

68 Votes

Tatenda Diura

Category : Brides

21 December 2021

46 Votes

Wedding Day: 26 December 2022

39 Votes

Wedding Day 4 December 2021

20 Votes


Category : Brides

Sandra looking stunning

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Category : Brides

Kudzai and Stavo Wedding

7 Votes