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Cherise Lobola

So we already knew each other as we had mutual friends so sometime in 2020 i was by the bus stop waiting for transport…i was already running late and this guy happened to pass and i made sure he saw me🤣 we were quiet all the way till he dropped me off where i was going because it was close to his workplace (lucky me) so this transport thing happened for a few days and we started warming up to each other. So one day after dropping me off he texted me and said we should go out after work and i was game🤣 went out and had our first kiss🙈fast right?? and from there it was history😍 we had our ups and downs and now i am so sure i want to be with this human being for the rest of my life.

31.12.2021 he popped the question😍🥺and its the easiest yes i have ever said!
26.03.2022 we were married traditionally!! Ain’t God good??

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