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Wedding Planning

Gugu and Awa’s Story

We’re back!! So excited for this takeover, we can’t wait to share on all the awesome pre-wedding events, the planning process, plug you guys to dope BYO vendors and of course take you through the big day????
#zimweddings #bestfriends

So there’s a rundown of the entire wedding on my personal IG page so we are just going to keep this one brief.
Morning off the wedding I decided to get ready at the castle, with just my girls, my mum and the glam team. Didn’t want to get ready at home and be surrounded by a million relatives ????
The getting ready process was everything! @kevinweddingplanner being the plug that he is, brought us a spread of food for breakfast and we started our day with multiple glasses of mimosas and of course Beyoncé!????
@makeup_by_sisa , @hairbypraiseworth , @hairbyfia_zw and @evedup_glam were soo professional but also added to the general vibe of the morning, lit!
Details on the robes, stemless flutes and bridesmaid gift boxes will be given during the live if anyone wants to know. ???? @lecyril_ncube_photography

So my girls were a bit upset I didnt take them wedding dress shopping but it was so worth it cause we had the most special “first look” moment, everyone’s eyes were glistening. #moist
I got my dress at @eurobride after only trying 2 dresses on…. I fell inlove with the massive train I definitely had a “day yes to the dress tears moment with my mum and dad????. Bridesmaids dresses by @zippercreations @lecyril_ncube_photography

So I feel like the vow exchange ceremony, although being my very favorite part of the day is a very personal moment, so we going to skip right past that to the cocktail hour!
That was one of our key focuses when we planned the wedding. We wanted to make sure our guests were fed, entertained and had enough to drink!
Being the self proclaimed donut queen I just HAD to have a donut wall at my wedding! And @gourmeteats_ came through for a girl! I loved the personalized wall of gold leafed donuts!
Being the DIY bride that I am, I had a champagne wall and gin bar made just for our wedding..The signature his & hers cocktails were such a hit as well as soo the desserts and canapés supplied by @gourmeteats_ and @sweetandsavoury_byo
Not forgetting the proudly Zimbabwean craft beer supplied by @artisancraftzw ????????#quality

So still on the cocktail hour we also decided to keep our guest entertained with live music from @sekunjalo_maafrica who performed at our lobola day and @nyasha_bothwell who serenaded our guests with all my favorite Ringo Madlingozi songs. @lecyril_ncube_photography

One of the other highlights of the day was the cake cutting. Because we wanted to do things a little different we had our cake cut during the cocktail hour outside.
I absolutely loved how the cake looked on the DIY swing my dad built for me????
I call this part of the wedding the “coming to America part” cause @iyasazw created that exact scene as the Eddie Murphy movie coming too America????, soo memorable, and the cake super delicious.
Florals by @vuyelwablue. ????

So for the decor we wanted to keep things very simple, so we went for a classic black and white color pallet. Against the candle lit backdrop, and @soundkalcha lighting, it really created a soft and romantic ambiance. @pinky_eventdesigner really nailed the brief! Also the all black dancefloor from @pristine_event_rentals fit in soo well.
Florals by @vuyelwablue
As a personal touch each guest got a laser cut wooden place card of their name, I loved those!

D I Y S & D E T A I L S
so being a DIY bride I loved getting an array of personalized items throughout the wedding. From the Perspex welcome sign, the acrylic invitations, signature cocktail sign, preachers podium, personalized cups, cake swing, acrylic gift box (now being used as a snack box☺️), wooden place names, the guestbook, the gin bar, kids table decor, the ceremony arch, the champagne wall, bridal shower engraved wooden spoons and name biscuits, and ring box.
Not only was I a DIY bride I was also a super frugal bride, so most of these things were super affordable to get made. Deets during the live for anyone who wants to know.

So obviously the day was filled with many special moments and here are just a few of my faves.
1. First looks with my baby bro and dad.
2. My husband walking down the aisle with ALL his mums #priceless.
3. Getting veiled by both my parents before walking down the aisle.
4. Walking down the aisle to my baby brother playing the saxophone.
5. Bouquet toss, every single queen got a rose ????
6. Club Bottle service before the toast.

The Mguni’s ????

Shadreck and Tino’s Story

My name is Tino.
I am not a good storyteller lol so here is the summary:
This was 22 December 2019
Roora and mini wedding ceremony on the same day at home. Roora started
around 10am and wedding ceremony at 2. I was a DIY bride, did my own
hair (with some help from a friend), did my decor and my wedding favours
Equipment hire @exquisite_events_hire_company
Cake @taste_bud_adventure
Decor DIY
Hair DIY
Planning DIY but on the day my friends @shezngururu and @chiemakore did
an amazing job coordinating the whole thing because I was now
overwhelmed, it was a hectic day
Makeup @beautique_colour_me_sweet_
Photographer @henryoliverphoto
Venue we did this at my parents’ home in Westlea
Bride and bridesmaids dresses @ruescollections
Stationery @kenchrisweddings
Mc and PA system @teo_events

‘Just mummy and me on that floral affair’
Priceless moment????

A girl can get the best of both world’s ♥️
Hope it inspires someone to do what they want even if its not common practice✨

Hubby’s Roora Squad/GroomSquad ????

More than just bridesmaids they are my prayer warriors. My bestest friends who made sure my different dream became a reality????
Pick your bridesmaids wisely.

DIY bride is always about the wedding details!
This is something you can keep in your new home as a reminder that your different characters and personalities have merged to become one!

Its so magical and unbelievable when you see what you planned and envisioned has come to life!
Zim DIY bride its possible✨

‘Happy to have inspired you all! You can make your dreams come true beautifully too’
Officially Mr and Mrs ♥️
Signing out xx

Maid of Honour Duties “Before and On the Day Roles”

A maid of honor may also be addressed as the, ‘best girl’ or in short ‘MOH.’ It doesn’t matter which term you prefer to use but the million dollar question is ‘Do people know the duties of a maid of honor/best girl?’ Over the years some might have the understanding that being a maid of honor means you get to wear something different from the other bridesmaids and you also get to spend most time with the bride. HOWEVER this perception is not true. Being a maid of honor comes with ‘special duties’ and most ladies get to discover this after they have already accepted to be one.

Duties before the wedding:

Attend wedding dress shopping and fittings – it is important for a maid of honor to be with the bride when she goes for her wedding dress shopping and also fitting. Her presence makes the bride feel comfortable with every decision she will make.

Lending a helping hand (and ear) to the bride she will be able to assist the bride when she needs help and will always be there to listen to her worries or even hear her complaints.

Help bridesmaids pick their dresses since she will be the mediator between the bride and the bridesmaids, she will be in a better position to know what the bride wants her squad to wear thereby being able to help select the dresses.

Accompany the bride everywhere you practically have to be with the bride whenever possible or according to her requests as she meets service providers or even relatives.

Plan the bachelorette party it is your duty to plan a bachelorette party for the bride so that she can relax a little bit before her big day.

Attend pre-wedding events – you will have to attend pre-wedding events such as the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner etc. with the bride so that you can be able to give her moral support.

Take note of everything you should be aware of everything happening around the bride and should be able remind her in case some things would have slipped off her mind because of pressure.

Host or co-host the bridal shower you should be able to keep the bride in the dark whilst you help plan her bridal shower. It should be a surprise and you should make sure that it happens.

Duties on the wedding day:

Keep the bride calm and comfortable – the morning of the big day, a bride will be nervous and feeling anxious. It is your duty to make sure that she remains calm and feels comfortable

Contact every important service provider – it is important to contact service providers such as photographers, videographers, hairstylists and makeup artists so that everything will go according to plan especially to kick start the wedding. It is important that they do not miss any of her special moments. That’s if she doesn’t have a wedding planner!

Time keeper – it is the duty of the maid of honor to make sure that the bride is on time on everything and that she gets to the altar on time.

Make sure the bridesmaids are dressed – you have to make sure that the bridesmaids are dressed on time and that they are ready to go.

Arrange the bride’s train and veil upon her arrival at the altar- it is important to ensure that the bride’s presentation is perfect and everything is still in its right full place.

Hold the bride’s bouquet – when the bride reaches the altar, it is the duty of the maid of honor to hold her bouquet so that she will be able to hold her husband’s hands and also read her vows properly.

Sign the marriage license as a witness – you will have to sign the marriage license as a witness.

Help the bride to change and also use the restroom – you should be there to help the bride change and when she wants to use the restrooms you should be able to assist her.

Make a speech – should be prepared to make a speech. A common trend in Zimbabwe is that you will do the vote of thanks together with the best man.

Make sure the bride is served food – ask the caterers to serve the bride the food that she would want to eat.

Out of everything that has been stated above, a maid of honor should always remember to put the bride’s needs before hers and should be the bride’s pillar of support plus source of strength. Remember to respect her wishes and just tolerate her stress and anxieties so that her wedding goes the way she has always envisioned.


Wedding Venue : Factors to consider when picking one

Getting a wedding venue can be a tricky issue for most couples because they lack adequate information about the venues. When it comes to picking a venue, they are certain factors that couples need to up into consideration before they put their signature on the contract agreement form:

Location – A very important factor that the couple should take into consideration. A couple should first see if the location of the venue will be accessible by the guests. Guests should be able to get transport that takes them there and also from there back to their homes. It would not be fair for the guests to get to the venue tired and worn out because they would have been dropped off far from the venue. Remember not every guest will be having a car and even if you have a car you will not be willing to drive it through a bad road full of pot holes.

Budget – Before selecting a venue, couples need to take into consideration the amount they expect to use towards the venue.

Number of guests – Couples need to consider the number of their invited guests beforehand. A venue selected should be able to accommodate the guests seating arrangement. There should be ample space for the dance floor and also space for the guests to move around freely.

Align with your vision – Your venue should be able to bring out your vision for your wedding. It should be able to incorporate everything you would have conceptualized and more.

Talk to your wedding planner – The couple needs to talk to their wedding planner before making a choice. Wedding planners have more experience when it comes to this and have been to several venues before. So it is advised that they consult their planner first for guidance and possibly accompany you for site visits.

What is included – You need to know what is included on the venue package. You have to know what you are paying for and what is also included in that package that will make it stand out and a cut above the rest. Some venues will not allow you to outsource external suppliers i.e. decorators, catering. Be cautious on that when you make the decision.

Date – The date of your wedding will also determine which venue to go for. You will have to know which venues will be available at your selected date.

Style or theme of the wedding – Your venue should immediately portray the style or theme of your wedding. Especially with the trending rustic weddings you want a venue that accommodates the theme. When picking a venue you should have this consideration at the back of your mind.

Parking – The parking space is also important. The venue you select should have a big parking space and well guarded so that your guests feel comfortable and do not have to worry about the safety of their cars. Obviously no one wants to be called out in the midst of having a good time that their car is blocking those who want to leave early.

Couples need to put their heads together so that they will be able to pick a venue that will make their special day memorable… 



What to consider when picking a caterer?

by Zimweddings

Planning a wedding is tricky for most couples. They have a lot of things that need their outer most attention and most importantly they have family, relatives and friends to please. However, as they say “Ukama igasva hunozadziswa nekudya”, so a wedding without good food is not something worth remembering.

Picking a caterer is one of the hardest decisions that a couple has to make because one wrong decision can put your wedding on the map for the wrong reasons. Imagine a scenario whereby your guests get sick after your wedding because of the food they would have consumed at your wedding. People as being people will quickly forget every special moment at your wedding and start telling everyone who wants to listen how bad the food was.

So in order to avoid all of this, they are important aspects that should be taken into consideration before picking a caterer:

Track record – before picking a caterer, it’s important to research more about the caterer. Find out the events they have handled before, how big they were and also ask if anyone ever got sick after consuming their food

Cliental base – this says a lot. The more clients they have shows how credible the caterer is and the reverse is true

Equipment they use – it is relevant to go in person and see the equipment they will be using to prepare your food

Catering team – it is pivotal to meet the catering team in person so that you have an idea of who would have prepared your food

Where they buy their ingredients – as a client you have the right to know where the caterer gets the ingredients from. This will make it easy to know who will be accountable if anything goes wrong

When and where the food will be prepared – you have to know the exact location and time the food will be prepare. It won’t be nice to know that your guests ate food that was prepared a day earlier

Number of guests handled before at a wedding – you will be assured whether they will be able to do the job or not

Awareness of safe food handling – it is important to ask if the caterer and his/her team are aware of the safe food handling rules. This will help in avoiding diseases

Most importantly, the couple should be aware of the packages that the caterer offers. This will help in knowing which package goes hand in hand with their budget. However, do not try to do the catering on your own in a bid to try to save costs because you might end up ruining your own wedding.