Tino & Chloe’s Wedding

Maybe I may as well say, im marrying my “brother”. Before anything else, our lovestory cant be separated from his sister who was my friend/bunkmate/deskmate too in high school (2010). We knew each other but mutually cause of the sister and she warned him not to try anything with her friend (I didn’t know of that lol). Our first encounter talking without his sister was in 2015. He was really trying to convince me to choose Cyprus for uni where he was attending. This was just after high school. We would have typical conversations but nothing that was substantial.
Fast track to 2019/2020 where the conversations got longer, more depth in them, individual future plans and passions. Now we had to hang out in the same circles since my circle was his sister and these guys are very close knit. I met all the cousins before knowing those would be now my future in laws (in love).
2020 May-confessions about feelings. Had a debate about this cause yes, I literally knew all his shenanigans and what do we tell Tamie-his sister.
He tried making it official but I told him, I want fireworks. It look him 2 whole months to think of “fireworks” The first time we were driving and he plays “Can I be your man” by Gary Mapanzure whilst singing along and the last bit was “can I”. Sweet, yes, lol but not the fireworks we hoped for.
30/08/2020- He came to my work place with a teddy bear, a plant (my fave) and flowers. I definitely couldn’t resist.
From then on, it has been a journey filled with love, peace, joy, silliness and annoying each other. Our forever food dates, traveling and standing by “encouraging each others independence”. We have learnt how to get past the differences. Before the proposal he’s like, if you have seen any red flags, I hope by now they are looking a bit pinkish haha.
03/01/2023- I figured that was the hint to wanting to make our story prolong to forever and confess our love in front of a crowd and most of all, before God.
21/04/2023- Not only did the cows come home, but we got to have our white wedding on the same day. We vowed to be together before our loved ones and God.We surely had the most amazing and glitch free wedding. Fun was had!