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Love Stories

How We Met and Glad We Met!

His perspective : The first time I met Mati at a music festival three years ago; she was in the company of my workmate and a mutual friend.I remember glancing over at her and thinking, Oh, wow, she’s is beautiful. When I got to my seat, I was seating right next to her and we had a great conversation.Her smile kept distracting me the whole afternoon and I probably did not make sense when we were talking.

She unfortunately had to leave early and go home (Mati never stayed out too late), so I walked her to the car park and we went our separate ways. I was certain I would never hear from her again. I thought about her often, but eventually she faded into the ‘missed connections’ category.A few months later, out of the blue,I sent her a message asking for advice and we became good friends, but we did not stay in contact except the call here and there. Even though we did not stay in contact i would always make sure i suprise Mati on her birthday (flowers, cake etc), and whenever I traveled i would ask her if she wanted me to buy her something.Fast forward two years later from the first meeting we had our first date (imagine all that waiting) and we hit it off from there, a few months later we got engaged and had a traditional wedding ceremony.

Her perspective :I still remember meeting Keith and thinking he was the most handsome man I had ever met. Keith is well built and goes out a lot so I thought that maybe we would never really get along or that I wasn’t his type.

Fast forward through the years he would always surprise with unexpected gifts. He was always supportive of what I did but he never said much or make his intentions known. At the close of 2018, I met him a local restaurant with his older brother who had had quite a few drinks by then. He was the one who the one who told how much of a crush Keith had on me. We started dating a few weeks later. Fast forward 3 months into dating Keith commenced preparations on paying lobola.

At that point I realized that truly the man that God has carved for you will not take time or play with your heart. Keith has been very earnest and truthful from the get go. He also been very supportive and loving. I am grateful for my husband

Some Tid Bits About Us..
Q. How did you first meet?

See Our Story!

Who made the first move? How?

Keith – cakes, flowers you name it. I was just too blind

Who’s going to take out the trash?

Whoever happens to be closer to the trash 🙂

What was your most memorable date?

We spent one of our first dates indoors chatting and getting to know each other better. For us its really about getting to share each moment together.

Where are you going for your honeymoon?

Not so sure yet!

Witness and Ropafadzo’s Love Story

It was during my gap year in 2018 did I meet the love of my life. Then I was working at Eat n Lick and they had just opened a new branch in Kwekwe. I didn’t want to move from the Kadoma branch but the boss saw me doing my job well and insisted I move . ( I keep thinking if I had pushed to not leave Kadoma I would have blocked my blessing)
Nevertheless the new branch opened, it was around May and my Mr was visiting his relatives around then . He had a few days before he left for Australia again and so he decided to drop by the new restaurant to buy his muzukuru some Pizza. You can imagine again I didn’t want to work on that day and actually wanted to move my afternoon shift to the night one but something again stopped me.
For any one whose worked at a restaurant before and as a cashier you know that you will meet so many customers of different characters. And Your job really is to make them buy more than they imagine to. So with such a goal I honestly saw nothing more than just customers.

This one afternoon My Mr happened to drop by the shop and for the first time I just did not see a customer ????, before he even spoke my heart was racing more than usual but I decided to keep my cool.

I had no clue my now Hubby was feeling what I felt and so clear . After they had enjoyed their pizza he went on to ask his muzukuru to get my number so they could send me a tip through to my ecocash account (I thought goodness me this guy is clever the day he texted me ) . Fast forward a few weeks later I then resigned because it was around the time i had to start my applications for university . So I went back home .

(Ps: I had always longed to settle from as early as 16 but life took its own course and my now hubby had always been praying for his wife . )

This was in May when we met and he only then texted me later that year in December. But when he texted me he felt so familiar , like we had always spoken . So that’s when we began to find out more about each other but as friends. Then he was even in a relationship and I was single . I didn’t even know he stayed all the way in Australia because he had kept his Zim number on WhatsApp but If I had known then I would have blocked any feelings because I saw distance as a huge obstacle but he didn’t . ( the little things that can spoil a blessing)

(By the way he said the moment he met me he knew he would marry me but he wasn’t sure I saw it too…. ….

Fast forward, Around February 2019 I was now in university at Monash South Africa and we kept in touch through to September . I was now in a relationship and he was single. So he happened to come through to South Africa and invited me for a friendly dinner . I thought so many things but I had a very strong gut feeling that kept saying : “just go And see “. So I listened to my gut feeling and went through .

As a friend I made it clear to him that I was with someone and he respected that . Guyssssssss….. Mmmmm some men are Heavenly sent . He didn’t touch me nor kiss me or flatter me but his conduct approved what I had always wanted since the age of 16. We had our dinner , we talked and the whole time I saw answered dreams . The last of his words I remember were : “I know how to treat a woman” and at the back of my mind I thought mmmmmm cocky (That then brought in an element of confusion for me but I didn’t realise he was just saying what it is )

So I returned to campus And the first thing I told my friend is that I like this guy but I don’t know and she was so curious to know more . On the other hand my hubby now had the confirmation that I’m the one .

Fast forward again :I decided to end things with my boyfriend then. So this meant I was single. In November my hubby now said to me , I really like you and I’ve always liked you and i would like to be in a serious relationship with you . But he suggested we pray and fast for a week and if we both had confusion or uneasiness in our hearts we wouldn’t go ahead . I was just like, is this real Lord? A man who prays too. So we did so and for the first time in my heart I had peace and zero doubt about entering into a relationship. This also was the first guy I told my mum about and she was at ease about him . I expected her to say noooo you are too young but she shocked me and said follow your heart.
On the 27th of November to be precise he made it official but in our distance . He always knew I’m a person who likes open things so he planned a vacation in South Africa towards my birthday. January came through and we had our vacation . I just thought we were having a simple dinner for two but I woke up to a make up artist and a hairstylist ready to dazzle me for the day . Along side with plenty gifts the night before
Going back a little ➡️. Before we came to SA we had gotten t-shirts done that were written :WE DECIDED ON FOREVER ( shout out to e27branding_zim for those beautiful t-shirts).
I honestly thought we were just doing a cute little thing but no it wasn’t just that .
So on the day of my birthday we went for a shoot in the t-shirts and later changed for the birthday dinner and his muzukuru was present as she helped him plan the dinner . The dinner was beautiful . We ate, we laughed and took so many pictures

The next morning I was just tired and weird enough he had ample amount of energy . I was confused because we had been in the same place the night before . Anyways we went to the mall and got coffee and breakfast . He kept saying we need to go to Botanical gardens today for our last shoot and I’m like let’s move to Wednesday because we have the whole two weeks . Someone had his plans up his sleeve so he persuaded me and we went . The garden is gorgeous you guys . On the 27th of January 2020 we had our last shoot and just after I said I think we are done viewing the whole place I turned around and he was down on one knee ….. …..Bammmmmmmm

I was so shocked , filled with so much joy in my heart and his entire energy made so much sense. That’s when he said :WILL YOU MARRY ME and I said a big YES .
( I know you might be thinking , but you dated for less than two months) . True but we never dated , we went straight into courting because we intentionally decided to be in a relationship and he didn’t want to wait too long again to say the things he felt since 2018.

So now it was time to tell the parents and relatives . You can imagine the politics that awaited us because we had done things extraordinarily . But nevertheless we went on with our intentions to get married but we also decided to be engaged in prayers together every beginning of a new month for the whole year because we knew we couldn’t do this alone . My dad’s family was not for the idea because they thought ahhhh she’s only 22 but my mum ‘s family had no problem with it because they knew I had always wanted to settle earlier than usual . But that didn’t stop us from pushing although we understood were people were coming from but didn’t accept being changed for their thought. ( sometimes you got to be aggressive with what you want) Unfortunately in the talks delaying , COVID 19 hit and we were locked apart.

One thing we knew was that God blesses differently in everything . For some it’s sooner for some it’s later .

So my dad ‘s relatives told us to wait and we waited from February up until early June . He then sent them a letter asking to marry me . This time around they saw that we were not up for changing our plans and they agreed . We went on to plan even in our distance. Video calls became our new thing. As we planned From the theme of the outfits to the photographers as well as the cake . He called his friends and I called mine . The planning was smooth the first days and as we reached the event, family politics Arose again . But this time the politics took a toll on us . We began to fight about anything and everything. Things like :why one didn’t pick up the call at the usual time ( crazy right) but It was war. So like always we said no let’s go back to the prayer room .

At the end of it all the event happened and we saw nothing more than the Grace of the Lord. Age didn’t matter no more or how we decided to court from friendship and not date first. All that changed to be inspiration and our love united the families

It’s been a journey and never did I think I could be in a long distance relationship but my now hubby showed me that true love makes extraordinary things normal . Ecclesiastes 3:11 kept us strong . There is no formula to love . It happens differently for us all But just like anything else you strive to excel in you need to have information about it and then comprehend the Information so you may apply it because love or passion alone will not save you . And again we had a verse that reminded us of this . ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭24:3-4‬ ‭ASV‬: “Through wisdom is a house builded; And by understanding it is established; And by knowledge are the chambers filled With all precious and pleasant riches.”

Hope you are inspired ❤️

The universe conspired and we found love

By Theodora Shangwa

This a brief story of how I met my life’s love Nyasha. It’s so funny that he is now my husband because we’ve known each other since we were fourteen. He went to the same high school as my then best friend so I used to see him around whenever I was in my friend’s neighbourhood.

We saw each other around all through high school and then practically every day at 6th form as we ended going to the same college.

Back then we weren’t on each other’s radars, but I recall once we started dating both of us admitting that we knew the other one was there

After college I went to a different city to study economics, and Nyasha stayed in our hometown for Med school. Time passed, and we lived our lives, passing happy birthday wishes and congratulations for our milestones over Facebook. Every so often we would plan to meet up for a coffee but that never happened.

Fast forward to one sunny day in September, my parents were invited to a wedding, and fortunately for me that day, my dad wasn’t feeling too well so I took his place. We knew the groom from college so Nyasha just decided to gatecrash the wedding too. Little did we know we had a date with DESTINY.

I received a Facebook message from someone I hadn’t spoken to in about 2 years asking “are you at this wedding? I think I’ve just seen you here.” I was really excited, and responded, “Yes! Come say hi I’m just outside.”

Sure enough it was Nyasha, the guy I went to college with who was “objectively good looking” I remember once saying to my friend a long time ago in college- was now an Adonis before me.

We passed our salutations and tried to fit in a “what have you been up to?” conversation into a 5 minute gap, but it just wasn’t happening; there was a lot to catch up on. So we organised a coffee for the next day, which fast became a first date. Soon after I drove off from that scene I was pretty sure he was the one for me.

What followed was driving back and forth 100miles during the week between two cities because we were that annoying couple our weekends were taken up, phone was always engaged, my friends couldn’t find their girlfriend! We eventually ended up together and a year later Nyasha asked me to marry him, and now we’re here!

No one said life would be easy, but I cannot imagine living it with anyone else. It always makes us laugh to think we were right there, under each other’s noses this whole time! Our favourite quote is the below, it’s really us in a nutshell. The story is so intricate but we would be here all day otherwise!

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”

Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

Love knows no boundaries: Meet the Nondos

By Tinashe Nondo

On 19 March 2015, Tinashe and Victoria met on Facebook through the hand of God, mutual friends and a case of mistaken identity. Victoria who was in Grahamstown, sent Tinashe who was in Swattruggens, South Africa a Facebook friend request believing that they had met each other previously. When Victoria realised that she did not actually know Him, she apologised for having sent the request to which Tinashe graciously responded, “Well in that case, let’s just get to know each other then.” That was the beginning of their story. Unconventional we know but God’s fingerprint was all over it.

Their friendship developed over many long chats back and forth on all social media platforms until they eventually decided to meet in person. It was a cold winter’s morning at the Neighbourgoods market in Johannesburg, but this did not deter them. They braved the cold and made it out to meet each other. Their first date was magical and to onlookers, it seemed as if they had known each other for years. They enjoyed each other’s company and did not want the day to end. The rest as they say is history.

On 3 October 2016, in a surprise picnic and photo shoot at the Simon’s Deli, Groot Constantia in Cape Town, Tinashe proposed. It was a beautiful intimate proposal with photos to prove it.

After the proposal came the realities of planning and executing a tri multi-cultural wedding ceremony. Tinashe is Zimbabwean (Shona) and Victoria is half Nigerian (Yoruba) and Half Namibian (Herero). All three cultures are rich in presence and practice and all have very specific ways in which weddings are planned and celebrated. Being from different backgrounds, it was very important that all aspects of their rich cultures were incorporated in their wedding day ceremonies. Though all the cultures were to be represented, for the couple, the most important thingwas that they honoured God, each other and their families (in that order).

They had a door knocking ceremony in December2016. Traditionally the groom requests permission from the bride’s family through the custom of “knocking on the door”, while bearing gifts, he visits his potential in-laws accompanied by his family. If the door knocking is accepted the families celebrate by feasting, dancing and a potential date is set, planning can officially begin.At the “door knocking ceremony” Tinashe’s family was given a list of bridal items which included Lobola (Shona & Herero Practice); Clothing items for the bride’s family, Nigerian food items such as yams, palm oil, pepper, kola nut etc. (Yoruba).  The list also included materials called aso eke to dress the bride, a bible as well as the engagement ring. There was a bride price included on the list, all of which was to be presented on the traditional wedding day.

The couple had 8 months to plan their wedding. The wedding date of 5 August 2017 was set in January after many discussions between the two families. The ceremony and reception venue were secured promptly. The next stage of the wedding planning process was asking the bridal party; looking for vendors, and finally considering the finer details of the wedding day and receptions.

On the3rd of August 2017, there was a Herero ceremony. The groom’s family brought the Lobola, in the form of cows, to the bride’s family kraal. The bride’s family welcomed the groom’s family and blessed the couple. This was followed by festivities late into the night.

The following day, the traditional wedding celebrations continued. This included the groom’s family and friends returning to the bride’s family home with the items specified on the list. The program was directed by an aunty from each side of the families known as an alaga (Yoruba) and Tete (Shona). The bride was dressed in a Herero dress to welcome the guests and then later changed into the Yoruba aso eke to match her groom. There was prayer, singing, dancing and feasting once more.

The wedding day was beautiful with family and friends from all over the world gracing the event with their presence. The day started with the bridal party getting ready and going to the St George’s Cathedral, Windhoek, where the church ceremony was held. After the ceremony, photos were taken and finally the reception was held in the evening at The Windhoek Country Club.

Tinashe and Victoria were very intent on saving as they knew that debt after the wedding day was not an option. All through the process they attended Christian pre-marital counselling with their marriage mentors as they wanted to invest in their marriage even more than the wedding day.

After all the proceedings, Victoria was very grateful to her husband Tinashe who prioritised and paid for their honeymoon to Phuket Thailand first. It was good for them to go away after all the stress of planning and slowly transition into life as a married couple. After twenty-eight months of living in different countries, they were totally against having a long-distance marriage and so Victoria moved to join her husband in South Africa. Five months in and they wouldn’t trade their journey for anything. It is only the beginning and they are so grateful to God for their lives as a family. Marriage truly is a covenant between God, a man and a woman and they have seen and know, that a three-stranded cord is not easily broken.

“Marriage is a lifetime journey; there is no pressure to have it altogether at the start of this voyage. As far as possible communicate to understand and not to be right. Always remember the basis of the relationship is love and God is love, so love each other whole-heartedly, passionately, deliberately and have fun along the way.”- Tinashe Nondo.

Love as we know it: Nyasha and Fadzai

By Fadzai Nyamdela

‘…..so when I finished high school in 2008, awaiting my results, I made a prayer to God. I asked God for a lot of things but in particular I told him that l would love to meet my partner at university, also that whoever he is we should share the same birthday month and I also told God that the guy should really work to win my heart.’

In 2009, l was enrolled at MSU and was in the Banking and Finance class. Apparently l met Nyasha that same year; he was in his final year though. We became friends and I realized his birthday was on the 25th of April and mine is on the 27th of April (the odds). I just didn’t like the fact that his came first, it meant me spoiling him first you know. I remember I didn’t have a phone that time and my mum was so strict. It was always a hustle trying to see him. I learnt of his timetable and sometimes I would sit by my bedroom window and hope he would pass by, sometimes l was lucky but then I would have to make up some story just to get out of the house like I would ask my mum if she wants airtime so that I would go but it for her by the tuck-shop. We went on like that for some time and then he asked me out, I couldn’t answer, I remember laughing and leaving him blank like that. I couldn’t date him then because l felt he was more mature than l was so he might take advantage of me. It took him three years to win my heart. We started dating when I was on attachment. Somehow our routines changed, we used to see each other every day. During the week, I would wait for him, he took his time. It somehow taught me to be patient. Then this day we were invited for a party, I had to help out in the kitchen and he constantly had to check up on me until this lady told him to stop, he was like “I had a hard time winning her heart, this girl is special” It was at that moment that I realized God had answered my prayer.

 Eventually I finished my attachment, goodbyes are never easy. It was really hard for both of us. He went to the bar, got drunk, I remember he called me when he got back home and told me how much he loved me and that he was going to tell his mum about me and he did. I felt heartbroken and cried all the way. It was hard imagining how my days will pass by without him. My days were lonely and different. Since we had not yet opened school, I had plenty of time on my hands and days were slow. Nyasha would be at work the whole day but l still needed attention. I understand it now that l could be nagging sometimes, though that time it was the right thing to do. It just happened that I had the opportunity of going to Harare once a month somehow; it was better but not enough. I remember this other time, I didn’t see him for two months, I woke up one day and my face had so many pimples and l wondered what it could be. Fortunately my mum and l had to go to Harare to attend to some things and I met up with Nyasha, the pimples disappeared in two days, didn’t realize he had so much effect on me.

So days and months passed by, that had become our life. As if that was not enough, one day Nyasha called and told me that he will be going to work in Kenya, my heart melted and almost though that could have been the end of our relationship. Off course he told me that l thought wrong but then…..it was hard. He said he will be gone for three months, he explained how it will be good for us, but at that time it never made sense. I told my mum, she allowed me escort him to the airport, l remember her words so well, she said, “If you love him, pray that everything goes on well and that he will come back for you, but if you don’t, then its good riddance” lol. Apparently he came back after two weeks and l was overjoyed you know. I graduated and was fortunate enough to get a job early and l had to move to Harare. It could have been the happiest moment of my life. My days were better and fun but the joy was short lived…….woke up one morning and Nyasha told me he would be going to Kenya again and that he would be back in three months. Just when l thought my life will be better and then he went, I started my three months count down the day he left. Three months passed and he told me there were not yet done with what they were doing. I remember in the seventh month, I wrote to God in my prayer book and asked him if Nyasha could at least come back before Valentine’s day, guess what he came back on the 12th of February just for a few months though and he had to go back again. He came back for our second anniversary before he moved to SA. We lived apart most of our time together but it was never boring. Distance was never a barrier though. We made sure we celebrated our special days somehow, birthdays and anniversaries. We made sure we talked everyday on any channel, email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype etc. We always kept each other in the loop and updated each other on everything even the smallest things many would overlook. We were always there for each other and prayed together on the phone. Celebrated our successes and comforted each other in bad days. Most people don’t believe in long distance relationships and are often discouraged by other people’s bad experiences, but it’s a different story for us. ‘We believed and still believe distance can never separate two loving hearts’. Of course we were apart in distance but in everything else outside distance we were together. We believe God kept us together for a reason. We have come this far; eight years of knowing each other, from the eight we have been in a relationship for five years thus celebrated five anniversaries. Nyasha decided to take our relationship to the next level, hence he did an awesome surprise engagement for me on the 26th of December 2017 … I was so happy. I love my ring, it’s so beautiful. We already look forward to the future…

Love is a beautiful thing trust me! I am glad Nyasha chose me and I know he is the perfect partner just like we say ‘Nyah and Fah are like a hand in glove’….the perfect match…