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Philmar & Farai’s Love Story

Philmar & Farai’s Love Story shows that love is kind, and love is patient. Love endures and love nurtures. Find out more about this incredible story in Philmar’s own words.

Feeling himself and pompous

Farai and I met for the first time when we were both with other toxic people. Being together was the furthest thing from our minds.
I had gone to see one of my best friends in Karoi but she wasn’t there. Farai was feeling himself and pompous which annoyed me. This was a brief meeting not more than 2 mins max. We met again, a year later in 2016, as I was in town and I went to see my friend. This is the time he then asked for my number and pictures from my friend. He didn’t call for a few months, only when I had forgotten all about him did he reach out and said hello.


That hello led to late night conversations up to 2am getting to know each other. This went on for months. He invited me to Karoi for the weekend after Valentine’s Day 2017. From then my travels to Karoi became more frequent and longer. I would travel on a Thursday and be back home on a Sunday every week. It was like having 2 homes at the same time.

Hwange and Victoria Falls

This went on for 2 months straight then he invited me to Hwange where he was going for work. I figured I might as well make it a holiday get away and do Hwange and Victoria Falls all at the same time. I asked my sister to baby sit my son for me during the Easter holiday when my helper was going to be away, but my sister was not having it she also wanted to tag along. It very weird for me, asking my boyfriend of 2 months that my sister and our 3 kids want to tag along, but when I told him he was all fine with it. I became open to the idea of a steady relationship. Easter came and went my sister and our kids went back. I remained behind with Farai for a month at least.

Was that a proposal proposal?

When it was time for me to go back to Harare, we were watching a movie and Farai paused it and played diamond song I want to marry you. He didn’t get on one knee or anything like that he just looked into my eyes and said I have found what I was looking for I think I want to marry you. It’s the way he said it that made me think it wasn’t a proposal proposal. So I just said well we can’t get married yet we have been dating only 2 months. Besides I had walked that path before I honestly thought it wasn’t for me.

At that point I was OK with just dating nothing more. He said don’t say no just yet let’s try staying together and see how it goes if we move in together you will see it will work. By May he was helping me with my rentals and my son.

Modern Musengabere

End of May he called me and said he’d found school for my son. He said he was sending a moving truck to my flat in Harare. To me this was modern daylight musengabere chaiwo. To combine the 2 households was economically strategic. This way he could save for my bride price. So I moved to Karoi. Come December 21st he went to do introductions and met all my aunts and immediately asked for a date. On 3 February 2018 the cows came home. In 2019 we had our baby girl and that’s when we decided to wed. I don’t remember who suggested it first but it was probably me.

Don’t break the bank

We wanted a classy wedding but didn’t want to break the bank. I also didn’t want to strain our families with our big dream. So Farai and I decided to spread our costs over. Our engagement was in November 2019 and we started our first service provider’s deposit payments in March 2020 for the venue. I don’t know if you will call it luck or a whisper from the heavens but we opted for Dec 22 2021 as we thought it was enough time to plan.

Philmar & Farai’s Love Story has happy ending!

Then came the lockdown and the plan to keep the payments going were disturbed because of the uncertainty in the world. July we were back on track. Advice to future brides spreading over expenses would be your ideal strategy, but I guess this works best if you are staying together. Always hire service providers you can afford. To the grooms remember most brides fantasy about this day from the age of 5 do your best to be supportive and brides remember there is rentals and food and honeymoon to pay for after the wedding so don’t break the bank.

*Farai’s note”
I’m happy the day was everything she pictured I would marry her under a bridge with just me and her as long as she is the one who meets me at the aisle and says I do.

Photography – Mazville Photography

Zandile and Percy: A Real Zimbabwe Love Story

A Real Zimbabwe Love Story

When people say things like, “shoot your shot” or “the love of your life may be on social media”… It’s not out of thin air. How we met: we met in a WhatsApp group in August 2018. I was always and then we decided to add more people to keep the group interesting chiii chiii😂. I checked out his profile pic ndikanakirwa then I slid into his DM and introduced myself then we started talking 🤭. He was chilled and laidback and wasn’t much of a talker. One night we stayed up late chatting then it turned into phone calls. We first met on 28 August and we had our first date and we hit it off instantly. I then went to Poland in September 2018 and we decided to try the long distance relationship to see if it would work out. It was the best decision ever!


The long distance relationship worked out for us. Even tough we had our ups and downs but we managed to hold it down. I returned to Zim in July 2019 we then started going out on dates. In time, he introduced me to his siblings and then his sister parents. They were all loving and welcoming and I introduced him to my sister and my tete. We were getting to know each other since we had only dated virtually. My friends liked him and so did his ☺️. He would always tell me that he wants to marry me ndotoseka kuti ‘ko tazivana nguvai nhai’ and he would just say mira uone 😂😂😂. We dated the whole of  July before he decided to take it to the next level


On 7 September 2019 @percy_g_pg called me in the morning and said we are going for lunch. He explained he wouldn’t be able to pick me up but that @tendai93 (she was his friend’s gf, with whom we were going on a double date with) would. I got ready and she picked me up, when we arrived at AloAlo she told me we have to wait outside for @shaunchoto( her bf and @percy_g_pg friend). Two minutes later he came holding a camera and he started filming, ndakarohwa ne confusion kuti how far 😂 as we approached our table I saw Percy ndikatomhanya ndichida kubvunza kuti ko how far lol then mans went on his knees and proposed 🥹 tbh hapana kana chandakanzwa ndakarohwa ne confusion and happiness at the same time 😂😂😂. I said yes to the man of my man of our dreams ☺️☺️

Roora Day

Due to Covid-19 we had to wait 10 months before we had our lobola ceremony. It was a hectic time and gatherings were not allowed. It was stressful and we thank God we managed to pull through that dark time as a couple. You know engagement ikati rebesei unotanga kuita ka impatience kamwe sooo and unenge wakutya kuti ko munhu akazodya mari mu covid umu 😂. On 15 August the cows came home, we did it lowkey coz we were still in lockdown and restrictions were still there. I only had one friend with me @phyllismuzenda (she has stood by me all the way). Our good friend @shaunchoto took our pics. Vakwasha vakagamuchirwa mumusha and all went well ☺️

Life After Marooro

I think the key to a fruitful and long lasting marriage is marry your type 😂. And never your compare your marriage kune ya nhingi. We both love traveling and going out. My friends and family became his family and it was not hard for us to blend with each other’s family and friends. We are fortunate enough to live near our in laws (from both sides) so we are all close and hapana anosuwa kumba kwavo 😂. It’s not always highs, we also encounter some lows but we always find a way to solve our issues tiri two tisina ku involver other parties. I highly recommend marrying your type 😂😂😂 you get to do zvamunoda without fear of being judged by your partner!


Since we were already staying together and had bills to pay and we didn’t want a wedding that was going to break our budget and leave us in debt, we decided to have a court wedding . We had our court wedding on Thursday 27 January 2022 and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. We got to the courts(Rotten Row) at 7:20 and by 7:45 we were married and given our marriage license. They were very efficient and made the whole process smooth. We were to have a ceremony with a few friends and family afterwards. I managed to go back home and had my makeup and got dressed in time. My good friend @phyllismuzenda was my witness and my maid of honor at the ceremony. We had planned our wedding several times and had to postpone due to one reason or another. But when we decided that we now wanted a court wedding we just went and registered and set the date. We planned to invite 50 people so it was a manageable number and the planning was not so hard from there.


We had our wedding ceremony on the same day as the court wedding. The weather behaved that day and @chotographyzw took us some breathtaking pictures 😊. We had our reception at Goshen events in Hatfield and they also did our decorations and then provided us with a PA system. When we were looking for a venue we wanted one that would be able to provide us with everything, we planned the wedding in less than a month so we didn’t want stress dzekutsvaga different service providers. My gown, veil and tiara was from Becky’s bridal boutique and the owner personally came to dress me and made sure I looked stunning. My MUA showed up on time and I was ready. The reception was beautiful and we managed to have a good time and our friends and family danced and had a blast. We managed to have a beautiful wedding which was within our budget and we were debt free. Court weddings are so inexpensive and you can have a reception of your choice afterwards and do things within your budget.


How we met
I Met Muchi in 2000 I was on my high school holidays and Muchi was on his uni break. Instantly I was attracted to him because he was a fine young man, however I didn’t show it. I knew he also had a thing for me 🥰but we were both trying to play hard to get. Unfortunately we didn’t exchange numbers that time. Later on that same year, I escorted my sister to a call box, lol yea we are that old. Muchi must have recognized me and decided he also needed to use the call box🤣we ended up exchanging numbers that same day. Fast forward two months later, I received the first call from Muchi and we arranged a date. For our first date we went for breakfast at wimpy udc centre on first street in Harare. Oh my word the butterflies were all over🥰 I couldn’t even look at him. We had a cute innocent date, I went straight home after but we made plans to meet again the following weekend. We met again the following weekend and he invited me to his house to chill, those days it’s was all innocent guys not the “Netflix and chill kind” 😅. We made our relationship official after that. Muchi asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes immediately, I didn’t have to “think about it“. We started dating in March 2001.

Roora December 2001 9 Months later Muchi told me he wanted to marry me, mind you, those days it was normal for someone to propose marriage without a ring. I told my sisters what Muchi was planning and immediately started the procedures . We did introductions first, I went to meet Muchi’s family, his grandmother was happy but also worried when she saw me, I was a very tiny girl and and these were her words “ Ko nhai Muchi, zvawati vigira chana chidoko doko, tichasungwa nema purisa” 🤣. Muchi also met my side of the family before the roora. My family was happy because he looked responsible.  Fast forward one week later, we had our roora day. It was on 23/12/2001. We had our roora event at churumanzu, at our village home which was my parent’s wish. Guys lobola day finally came and Muchi was late. Oh my word, anyone that has been through this can relate imagine vakwasha being 4 hours late apa we didn’t have mobile phones  to keep in touch, guys I humbled myself that day and told myself the Lord is my shepherd 🤣 4 hours later we saw Muchi and his family coming vachi Tinha mombe, immediately vana mbuya vakabva vatanga mhururu nemiridzo, ko inini wacho I could not stop kuzhinya😆vana sekuru vakatanga kuwuchira maoko 👏🏾 imi ko kuzoti vazukuru vaibika, askana paka moniwa sadza kani, zvaita senge zvichango tungidzwa😅 even huku nembwa dzakafara musi iwowo. Roora proceedings were just straightforward and quick, I finally became Mai Mandishona.

Wedding planning

Oh boy where do I start from 😅 planning my wedding has been the longest, hardest and most beautiful thing I’ve ever had to go through. Life kept getting in the way. After our roora we found out we were expecting our first daughter so we had to put wedding plans aside, you guys know that babies cost 💰 and at that time the Zim economy was also on a down turn. Me and my husband decided to relocate to the UK and y’all know it’s not easy. While in the Uk we were working trying to make ends meet and we welcomed our second daughter. At that point pfungwa dzekuchata dzanga dzakure our babies had us occupied 24/7, couple of years later we had our last daughter, at this point I was content, however I still knew I wanted a wedding someday. After we had our last daughter we relocated to Australia, moving to Australia was not easy guys but it’s the best decision we have ever made. I really wanted to have my wedding in Zimbabwe, I even went to meet with @kevintheweddingplanner in December 2019, then early 2020 Covid happened. It was devastating but I didn’t think It was gonna last long so I was willing to wait for things to normalise. after waiting it out we realised that Covid wasn’t ending soon and Australia wasn’t going to open international boarders anytime soon, I decided to start planning my own wedding here in Australia. It was hard knowing that our families would likely not make it to our special day but they  were happy for us because they knew how much we wanted this and how long we had waited for it. I started planning my wedding in December 2020 and our wedding was on 17 April 2021. Guys it was just smooth, I never had any issues during the planning process and on the day. My husband is a very simple man so he trusted me to plan everything myself, it was just an enjoyable journey, from looking for the venue, to choosing vendors and dress hunting, I would do it again!!! Above all, the journey has taught me to trust Gods timing because when it is his time, things will flow easy. I’m also grateful that my children could witness one of the best days of my life.

Word of advice

Guys marriage is not easy, it’s serious commitment and both parties must be willing to sacrifice. Take time to know, understand and forgive your partner. Things will happen good and bad , it’s a roller coaster but at the end of the day, God must be the centre of your marriage because without God there is no strong foundation. It also takes two to tango😉 More to come on the live

Mr and Mrs Chidobera’s Story

We met at MSU 2015 (level 1.1), we were both working on our Bachelor in Accounting Honours Degrees. We shared the same Class, Study group etc lol. Obviously as the guy I proposed first but the door was always closed at a friend zone stage which always annoyed me up to an extend that l had to quit  being the friend and l told her l cant pretend being your friend yet l have an obvious agenda.

To cut the story short l finally won on the 6th of April 2015 around 15:43pm that’s when l received the text. Everything was perfect she loved me for what l had because truly speaking l couldn’t even afford transport money from mkoba 16 to MSU campus where we both learnt. We grew up together, understood each other, study together and became best of friends after all. As time moved our love grew stronger and stronger each day. l had the privilege of dating the most prayerful person l had never met, she was always there for us in bad and good times.

We had our fights but the best part is we always knew how to manage our weaknesses and turning them into our strengths. l proposed to her on the 30th of March 2019. We both graduated on the 12th of July 2019, Lobola was on the 12th of August 2019 and finally our biggest day our wedding was on the 12th of September 2020 a day before her birthday. We just thank God for the guidance and protection it is such a good experience marrying your best friend because it comes with understanding, tolerance and love. #tinochengetwa.

Tanaka and Faith’s Love Story

❤️ 🇿🇼❤️ I met her in summer 2017. We were having our monthly meeting as a car club TeamRunx. She came with her cousin who was part of our club. I stared at her once and my heart told me she was the one.

I was still seeing someone by then. Something about her struck me like lightning and I saw a rainbow. Fast forward, December 6th 2020 I took the cows to her place.