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Stacie’s Wedding

Love is Patient, Love is Kind ..

2009 is when we crossed paths, we were mere teenagers introduced by our cousins, we never met so we drove our parents landline bill crazy😂😂😂😂😂 we wrote to each other, texted each other called each other on and off through high school and university. Finally March 2018 fate had its way and we met as he came for work in the city i lived in. What we refused to do is let life pass us by without trying to at least do life together. It was the most beautiful encounter and about a year and half later August 2019 he proposed..

We were in a long distance relationship where he would visit the city i stayed in whenever he could and by this time it was every other weekend, coupled with 2hr calls, video calls, thank God for whatsapp😂June 202,1 he finally decided to take the cows home and honor my family. Ours is not the cliché story as it is based on patience and long waits😂. this was probably the hardest time in our relationship in balancing everyone’s expectations. Finally 17th of june was agreed upon, culture and protocol was rightfully observed.

Our story rides on patience, our initial plan was after roora we would have a wedding, our agreement was always something small and intimate as it describeS both our characters and circle, little did we know our baby girl had other plans. She decided to come early and was severely preterm, Fast forward this wedding was super special for us because we had our little girl. We surrounded ourselves with friends who have become our family. The goal was to celebrate love, friendship and union.

I not only have my husband but i get to do life with my best friend, partner in crime and my biggest cheerleader


Mazvita’s Story

It all started on WhatsApp with @mazv_alitah94 @dingytron SWIPE ….. So we met in a WhatsApp group for memes😂 Crazy I know but my husband kept these screenshots that literally sum up how we met so he could show our kids and grandkids🤩We then met up for lunch at Bottom Drawer for our first date. Honestly the guy impressed me, and above all the conversations were deep and just never ending. Just then I knew I had met the one from who’s rib I was formed😍❤️He then planned a surprise birthday trip for me to pamuzinda and on the way there I remember he parked on the side and asked me to get out of the car he knelt on one knee and with a cute crown he said, “Will You Be My Queen” and with a kiss I said Yes Yes Yes😂😂😂 P.S that was our first kiss! Very memorable ❤️❤️

Dating So we dated since that day he asked me to be his queen. We dated for 2 years and at the end of the 1st year I decided kugarisa munhu wangu pasi😂😂😂. I asked him when he planned on marrying because we already knew that was the goal of our relationship. He said he planned to marry me in 2022. And I said I wanted to be married at the end of 2020. We then agreed to get married (Lobola) in June of 2021 the actual middle😂. We then started living together and it was a good and learning experience. Not so easy but enjoyable. We then had our first baby 1 year into marriage and then a year after we realized we wanted to wed but the money for the wedding we wanted could be used for better 😂😂. We then decided to go the court wedding route.

The actual day of the wedding:1. Make sure the groom is wearing a suit and tie. 2. The bride can wear a wedding dress I noticed others even had off shoulder dresses. 3. Make sure you are there by 6 o’clock because around 6:15 they’ll start directing you into the courts and the proceedings will start. 4. There will be many couples, so make sure you get there on time. That’s why we were one of the first people to be served. They usually charge 1$0 or $15 for the decor. 5. You will start by signing your marriage certificates and then they will start wedding ceremony, meaning they’ll start saying vows for which you’ll say after them. (they will direct you. )6. Make sure you have your rings. This is not a must, but if you have them, it would be good to go with them because they’ll give you time to put them on each other’s fingers. 7. The process will not take longer than 30 minutes and you can leave you will now be officially Mr. and Mrs. legally 8. Also, you are not allowed to bring your own person for decor or your own photographer. If you want pictures from inside, you can ask someone to use your phone and take pictures and videos of you or you can pay the photographers from the courts.

After the wedding: We decided to have a photo shoot done so we went to another location and got our pictures taken.Everything is very simple and has no hassles. I recommend weddings a million times I think they are the easiest thing to do in Zimbabwe.I wish you all the best happy wedding and happy marriages❤️🎉

MY DRESS!!!!!! I decided to do a whole different post about my dress because it was just everything!!! My dress was done by my extraordinary friend @bellesreveries_by.molefe . The dress was just exceptional over the top, beautiful and many other good things that anyone can see about a dress.I felt like a princess and a queen like my husband would say I felt good. I felt extravagant. I felt beautiful. I felt classy. If there’s anything I did right about my wedding it was getting my dress done by @bellesreveries_by.molefe.The dress was a piece of haaa Molefe akavhura hombe.Hats off to you my friend😊

Nickzel Lobola

It was back in 2016 where i was a shop assistant at Edgars, one of those ‘not so busy’ afternoons. A guy came in, he was light and tall and pretty. He came towards me and said ‘hie’. To myself i thought the guy was so pretty but i also thought he was a customer anyway. He was looking for a feminine present. According to him he was buying for her sister but i later found out it was his girlfriend’s. I was soo friendly to him so i helped him look for the present though he ddn actually buy, all he could say was im coming back lol. He came back i think for 5 consecutive days but now he would say he was coming for a hie thing. We exchanged numbers, we became friends. Things were flowing and we were really having fun. He would visit me and we would talk for hours, going out and all.Though, at that time, i was in a relationship and he was also in a relationship. So it ddn go anywhere lol it was one of those that end at the talking stage. I wanted him to ask me out lol but he ddn , we talked i think for more than a year but with no action. Eventually in 2018 we lost touch……

we spent 2years without a word. In 2020, man called around September. Honestly i had totally forgotten about him🤣🤣off course there were times where i would jus think where the guy was but well..So he said we needed to catch up and all. We spent 3months talking until around December he started asking me out. I would always ask why he wanted me and all he would say is ‘i wanna put a ring on that finger’. To me it was jus one of those😂😂you know a guy telling you he wants to marry you from the first date..I decided to date him, we dated for 1 year 10 months and it was chocolates and roses😍the level of understanding between us is priceless..in October this year he decided to marry me. He kept his promise, he put a ring on my finger. I am just grateful

Lorraine and Martin’s Lobola

It all started with a Mutual Friend ….

We met through a mutual friend at her baby’s Sip and See. Coincidentally, we were both nursing different heartbreaks and what better way to do that than consoling each other!😂

So we exchanged numbers and started chatting. We vibed on the go and a few days later we were already planning our first date!

Fast forward to three months later he initiated marriage and since I was already looking into settling down, I was just thrilled! He was just the right man for me, warm, loving, selfless, supportive and prayerful. I’d finally met my soulmate.

Came the big day🙏🏾 God definitely saw us through and I could never be more thankful. Gods word says in the book of Psalms, “ I will live to testify of the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” Surely Gods promises are exceedingly great and precious.

Paula & Tatenda’s Wedding

One sweet thing about love,

Becoming the Kanoyangwas Part 1

After Roora the pressure for wedding preps was really upon us . It was exciting as well . This was my chance to implement all that I had imagined and dreamt of whilst growing up .

Our number 1 secret is God he made it possible. Number 2 we started planning as soon as we knew that we wanted to get married. Number 3 we wrote everything down. Number 4 we stayed within our budget .
5finished paying service providers before wedding.
Planning was not easy. My husband is very thorough
He didn’t want us to leave things upside down. He wanted to make sure that everything is in Order

Becoming the kanoyangwas part two

Planning our wedding was very emotional because my husband lost his elder brother four weeks after roora. This was a huge blow even to me. We wanted to postpone the wedding to August but my husband said May was cool.
They say the bride and groom do not dance much on their wedding but we danced our feet off🤣 we had fun . We wished everyone could be part of our day but covid has made that impossible 🥺😒 .
Choosing the right bridal team is equally important. They should have the same vibe with you they understood the assignment.

We have no regrets

I am to become Mrs Kanoyangwa to my Hubby Craig Tatenda Kanoyangwa