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Annitta and Isaiah lobola

We met two and half years ago, he says my accent got him hooked the 1st time he heard me speak, one thing led to another we started dating and he was sure and direct about what he wanted in a relationship when we started dating which was to eventually get married, so me being zimbabwean and him being American I had to tell him about how our culture is set up the whole lobola situation and he was very open to it and willing to embrace it as he said he wanted to do things the right way, by asking for my hand in marriage from parents through lobola so we started preparing for it which led to us traveling to zimbabwe for the lobola negotiations during a whole pandemic lol, the day was very successful.
I have to give thanks to Remyshoots for the photography, philiptheexcutor for planning the event, bitsandbops for feeding everyones belly.. and aceglam for making sure everyone looked beautiful. 

My husband who is American honored my culture by making the 1st step of asking for my hand in marriage through lobola. The day was all we ever dreamt off. surrounded by so much love and joy!

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