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Dami and Bee Lovestory

Time and time again, there is not greater feeling than falling in love!! (As told by Belinda ) Our story began in September 2020.

Dami and I worked on the same project at work. We didn’t speak very much (except when he needed my help😂)

At first, my impression of him was that he was the most nonchalant person I’d ever met…I didn’t hesitate to let him know as well😂
He was just so unbothered and unconcerned with being a team player😂
I, on the other hand, the complete opposite so there was no way we’d even be friends! – at least that’s what I always told myself.

3 months later….
It was almost Christmas and everyone at work was making plans for the holidays. He asked if I’d love to make holiday plans together. Of course I refused😂 At this time, I didn’t see us becoming friends.

Fast forward to January, he decided to go for a different approach. Now he’d wait for me to finish work so we’d have lunch together, or he’d cook and bring my favorite Nigerian dishes which he’d warm up and serve me in the office kitchen😂
He had begun to woo me with all the simple things like getting me coffee before my shift, sending me encouraging messages via slack, sharing his love for wine(which I later discovered he didn’t even drink wine)😂
I was definitely starting to warm up to him because I loved this side of him🙈

Our first date…

It was Easter weekend and we had the most magical date.
He had clearly taken time to figure me out and understood my love for simplicity. We rode a scooter around Warsaw and had a late lunch at a quiet and very cozy Middle Eastern restaurant. It was definitely the most perfect day.
I actually called my dear friend Priscilla and told her how smitten how I was, I’m very sure she thought me crazy to be so swept off on the first date.

I think we both knew on that day that we had found each other. Something changed in me and I just knew, that this is where I wanted to be forever.

The engagement

11 months later on March 4, Dami proposed.💗💕
I definitely didn’t expect it to happen on that day. Quite frankly, Dami had always been open about his intentions for me through out our relationship so I knew it was bound to happen, I suspected on my birthday though (March 11)… but he’d always told me he would definitely surprise me. And he did.

Th proposal was an intimate and well thought out occasion for both of us. In fact I was in my pyjamas 😂 I was getting ready to watch a movie when he asked if I could spare a moment….omg my heart…as soon as I saw him go down on one knee…

And…..here we are now 🤩
1 month after said “I do” and almost 2 years after the most magical first date….

Ours has truly been a love that is magical, unconditional and a love that bears all. I’m thankful to have found my best friend for life ♥️

I love you

Roora planning
After we got engaged, setting our wedding day was the easiest part. We knew we wanted to say “I do” on the anniversary of our first date. April 8 – a first date that changed both our lives ♥️
We also knew we wanted to have a wedding weekend – traditional wedding on a Thursday, white wedding on the Saturday that followed and after party the following Sunday kumusha (this part was non negotiable for my dad😂)💃🏽
We took time to pray and organized to officially bring our families together to inform them of our plans.
(The day I got engaged, I called my mum and sisters and told them the news, I also introduced Dami to my mum on this day.)
My mum’s support was everything to me, she immediately took to my husband and loved him unconditionally.

We had our family introduction on Google meet 😂 (long distance style lol) both our families and siblings were in attendance.
And our mums officially took over the wedding planning 😂
When I tell you I didn’t lift a finger 🤩(I’m thankful I had reminded myself over and again that this was Dami and I’s marriage but the wedding was theirs😂😂)
I simply made a list of things that were non negotiable for me for example the Themes for both my big days and also the specific service providers i wanted (service providers were non negotiable for me as I did take time to research and pray, and I’m grateful I got everyone on my list – they definitely showed up and showed out for me)gave this list to Tino (my planner who became family) and introduced him to both mums and the 3 of them put together the wedding of my dreams
I definitely am very lucky and blessed to have a mum and a mother in law who instantly loved each other and worked together like best friends (they even matched outfits on both events btw)
I thoroughly enjoyed wedding planning, mostly because I didn’t really do much😂😂😂😂

This was an important part for me. It was important for me to honor both mine and my husband’s cultures.
For the traditional wedding, I wanted a traditional theme, decor had to have traditional elements, traditional food that honored Shona and Yoruba cultures and our outfits had to match. We had the African print for negotiations and aso ebi for the reception to honor Yoruba culture♥️

Our wedding(posting as Dami &Bee)
It was the best day of our lives. Our day was a true dream, for us, the blessing of having our families together, our parents on the same table giggling like best friends – that was the best part. It’s truly amazing to see what love can do.

Advice – the most important lesson for us, “ our marriage, their wedding!” We are grateful we didn’t learn the hard way😂 letting our parents go crazy over the planning gave us space to enjoy each other while we prepared for our wedding, also, allowing them to bond and having all our siblings be in the wedding gave them a man opportunity to get to know each other. It was a family affair ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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